Thursday, July 25, 2019

Thank you Thursday for the NYC bagel, donuts + books

First a big thank you for Elizabeth who sent me this wonderful book 
that I am already paging through and thinking,
I want to try making that...or ... who would have thought! or, hmmm, what
would that look like today? or what is patna rice? 
I owe you a letter and hope to write it soon!
It is amazing how God brings just the person,
just the thing, to bring cheer in a week that was harder than some.
I guess you can all tell how much food and reading about food means to me.
I just finished My Berlin Kitchen and found it a really interesting read,
and I must admit to putting paper tabs for recipes to look into... 
So, I was really dragging earlier today; had not slept super well and it 
was oddly hot in our place even though it's not as hot outside.
I did make it on time to the dentist,
grabbing a kombucha at Trader Joes, a NYC bagel with PB before the dentist 
(they have mouthwash which I used), a doughnut plant doughnut
(I am hoping my friend J. is reading this post as she is planning on going there
this weekend and I wanted to point out that there is scaffolding above the place
so it's a bit harder to see but fully still there and cute... there was so many choices!) 
and I ended up going to a small NYPL library... it was super small... 
but I found 2 YA books that look of interest (so many new books don't appeal to me 
sadly... or perhaps not sadly as I would not want them too, but you know what I mean)... 
but it was nice to have a seat, find a book that drew me in 
and that Mr Husband left work early (5 PM leaving is early for him) and we met up
in NYC and walked to the PATH train together and went home and 
saved cab fare (it's a good 30+ minute walk home from the PATH or a 10 minute cab ride) 
by having us go home at the same time... :) 
So I had the delicious beef stroganoff for lunch with a biscuit,
that was when my day started getting better, 
as before I felt like I was tired, as if struggling through molasses...
and the dentist was happy with my teeth (yay for that!)...
We talked over plum torte and ice cream, and on the way home as well,
so we had caught up on each other's days and then watched a Waltons
and then even had time for reading, since Mr Husband got home earlier, 
so so nice and he read through some comic books that he is vetting for our
now 8 year old nephew... and having a lot of fun... 

Cleo was finally with us again
(she has been hanging out in our hall bathroom with tile floor,
we think it was much cooler for her in the heat that even
with central AC was still impacting us) 
My Husband had already gone to bed and right after I took this picture,
she tried to go on his chair.  Oh No You Don't Cleo!
She is a goof.  I told this to a friend on social media who asked if Cleo
took her medicine today...: 
"I tried something new today… 
I ground up Cleo's pill, it grinds up very easy into a powder 
and I use a small funnel and took and put it into the plastic syringe 
that the vet gave me to use for her liquid medicine. 
 then added milk to the same syringe with the powdered ground medicine in it 
and then basically grabbed her and put it in the side of her mouth 
which made her open her mouth and 
 I was able to put the liquid medicine with powder down her throat in a way 
that wasn't too uncomfortable for her… 
I did the same to night with her liquid medicine and 
I added milk to that as well adding the the milk 1st and the medicine last
 so that the 1st thing into her mouth was the medicine
 and the lasting and her mouth was the milk 
in hopes that it will make it less unpleasant for her! 
So I successfully was able to get the medicine into her today
and I was very pleased about that! We will see if it works again tomorrow!"
I also gave her a little bit of vanilla ice cream, let her lick my plate when I was done
and gave her wet cat food... so while I am giving her medicine, I am also 
doing my best to spoil her and keep her weight up as well... 
I am really hoping I can keep giving her the medicine...
a few years ago she would just foam the liquid medicine out of her mouth
and all pills she would not eat... it was terrible... so I am really hoping 
that this time around she will keep tolerating it... it's too early to know yet if she will...
I am home tomorrow but having lunch with a friend... 
I hope to make a curry and cookies....and fold the pile of laundry that is
so high that it is teetering on the verge of spilling over.... 
So many I know are struggling... 
I am worried about a friend who I can't name here but is really struggling.
Lord have mercy! Lord have mercy! Lord have mercy!
on all of us! 


Diana said...

I will say a prayer for your friend who is struggling. So much need in the world, it can be overwhelming. I'm also still lifting Cleo up to the Lord... I know how hard it is when a pet is not well. Your way of giving her the medicine is how we had to do it with our cat, sure do miss him and the two doggies we also had (all died of old age problems years ago). Cleo sure is a pretty one! Love her coloring! I always loved reading my mama's recipes she kept in a Betty Crocker recipe binder... I treasure her pretty handwriting and her little notes on the pages and recipe cards. And lastly... I now have a craving for donuts! But we don't do sugarry things in our household, so I'll just scroll back up and enjoy your photos of them LOL! Blessings to you, Elizabeth! ♥

Becki said...

I hope the medicines keep being tolerated and that Cleo will be back to her old self soon. I always enjoy coming along with you to NYC, and this time I got a kick out of the wall of donuts at the Doughnut Plant. Normally, I'm not really tempted by donuts, but I'm sure I'd find something to enjoy there - just to sit for a while and be entertained by the decor. :)

GretchenJoanna said...

My favorite thing here was talking over your day over plum torte and ice cream :-)

Giving medicine to a cat - I'm glad that I don't have to do that anymore! Good strength, Elizabeth!

karen said...

lovely photos of our out and about travels! The donuts look delicious. I find dogs much easier to nurse than a cat. It takes two of us to tackle Holly and dose her up when needed. Good luck with your cat!

Lisa said...

Whatever enables you to give that cat her medicine, brava! And, by the way, if you ever can't get a cat to drink enough water, our neighbor Diane had this idea: put some of their dry food in the water, and it will often be more appealing to them this way. We've had to to do this with Dolly recently and it usually works! Let it "steep" for a half minute or so and that should do the trick.