Sunday, July 28, 2019

Sunday, you restore me

A peaceful blessed day today!
Church this morning, lunch afterwards,
visited our dear candle desk man...
brought him a sunflower, a few lemon crinkle cookies,
blessed church bread and a church bulletin :) 
We had such a nice visit! 
2 others from our local church arrived at the same time,
so that was doubly nice! 
And we ran into his sister on the way out and had a nice chat with her. 
We went home, had a wonderful "post-liturgical nap" and then did cards, 
including this one for Uncle Hank's widow...

Appropriate because he is/was in the Army... 
And we did other cards, and then had dinner
while watching the Walton's, 
before that having a nice chat with my Mom while
enjoying ice cream!
And family prayers.
I feel refreshed, which is a blessing indeed. 
Tomorrow is finish housework day, and plan for Friday.
I am thinking of going to NYC on Tuesday and the rest of the week
will come as it will... 
We are still thinking of Uncle Hank of course a lot... less than a week 
since we lost him, over a week since it all happened.
I am feel like I am working through the grief of it all
with God's help and seeing that sometimes part of one's 
cross in life is not being able to go to funerals one wishes one could go to
but for various reasons could not. 
I am hoping to look at another recipe or two to make soon...
I am thankful for this day.
I pray that God will help you with whatever it is 
you are going through and where you are in life.
May God have mercy on us! 


Diana said...

That sticker on the car about following Jesus so closely gave me a good chuckle... I almost forgot what I was going to comment. LOL! // I love the beautifulness (is that a word? haha!) of your church. I've always loved the painted and stained glass windows, the wall paintings and tapestries, everything that tells the stories from the Bible. Our church is very plain, so the only times I see these other things is when there is a wedding or funeral at one of the local Catholic churches. // I used to watch the Walton's back in the day when it was a new show on tv in the 1970s. It was one of my favorite shows! // Still praying for Candle Desk Man's health, to feel better soon and get back to his life. Also, for you guys, from the death of your Uncle Hank, especially the grief you are going through. God is with you both in this! Hugs and blessings, Elizabeth! ♥♥

Tracy said...

Oh, the Sabbath day--what a blessings it is! We really need that day... how much it "recharges" the spiritual and physical batteries. And those "post-liturgical naps"--gotta have those. ;) But how very sorry I am to hear about your Uncle Hank...My heart goes out to you & your family, my friend! I'm sorry to be so slow to catch up with you here. Life had been very "full" still, and online time has been less... Thinking of you & yours--GOD BLESS you all ((LOVE & HUGS))

Becki said...

Sounds like a good, refreshing, soul-filling day. Soul-filling for you and those you've reached out to. Loved the "Do you follow Jesus this closely?" bumper sticker. Hugs to you, friend.