Monday, July 29, 2019

Monday: you were hot but the house is clean and an ice cream cone helps one along

Well.  Laundry is caught up.  No teetering piles.  No mountain of laundry to fold. 
I read about 4 or 5 medical articles and took notes.  
And bummer, I now understand that even for eye diseases that
one can get genetic testing for, there seem to be many cases
where there was no known family history for the eye problem.  Rats.
Well, better that I know.  I am hoping to do more research tomorrow. 
I am slowly understanding more and have a list of questions.
I hope to go to NYC. 
But it will depend on my sleep tonight.
Tomorrow is suppose to be a hot day, so I will be careful to stay well hydrated,
have my hat and such things.
The beef stroganoff and biscuits, I ate the last of it today! Very enjoyable.
Trying to figure out what to make (cook/bake) next. 
I read a fun adventure book, the boy who knew everything which was like
a superhero story but with kids.  It was clean, I appreciate that!  I got it last week at NYPL.
I read more of A Gentleman in Moscow
I am enjoying it! Still in the beginning pages...
And tomorrow, if I do get to my library, I am going to try to pick out some fun books
to read and one to take with me to the Philly trip on Friday.
Well, May God helps us all!


Diana said...

I saw the words "ice cream cone" in my blog list and came right over. LOL! Hoping and praying that you rest well this night. And yes, I'm still up... I'm a late-night person. Keeping your eye needs in prayer, and hopeing your research gives you answers. Hugs and blessings, Elizabeth! ♥

*tiptoes off of blog so as not to wake Elizabeth*


Lisa Richards said...

Ice cream sounds so good! And getting the laundry caught up is always cause for celebration. :) I pray the mystery is cleared up about your eye problems and a solution found. Rest well, friend! :)