Monday, July 01, 2019

Monday: clean, dreams, cooking, resting

Things got clean again around here...
and I am almost caught up on laundry... 
I ordered groceries, 
I can't tell you what a blessing it is to be able to
order groceries online for delivery later this week.
Seriously wonderful.
I find that ever summer, perhaps about this time,
I don't remember, I feel like I hit a wall in terms of 
energy and I think it directly corresponds to heat rising! 
So I am dreaming of so many things...
I really want to finish my goddaughter's quilt... that I have been
working on since 2015! 
I also want to cook more... I have been reading my two Indian cookbooks
and have ordered a few more cookbooks (one is more Asian, three American)
and I am hoping, dreaming, of making the following:
*vegan stove-top naan (after looking at some recipes I am going to make my own version)
*a potato and cauliflower Indian dish
*a mushroom curry
I was reading over an interview that lead me to discover a new to me cooking 
blog (not been updated in a couple months) and between reading
various things, I got this sudden sense of 
 I can do this too - meaning, I can take recipes, make them as
I wish (i.e. change them to fit what I need/want to do)
 and learn and continue to share here, etc...  
Upon thinking about the many things I have made, I realized that
this is not new for me... the changing recipes... but it is still
a joy to realize and to look forward to more culinary cookbook reading... 
and dreaming!!! 
I've been checking the shipping status for the new to me cookbooks, 
I am still researching 
over-the-top-of-a-gas-stove-top grill and griddle options,
I have a few things I have read that I want to make... 
I feel like I am stuck between various dreams and projects...
writing (essays in editing and writing),
cooking and baking (I am continually drawn to cookbooks, food writing, baking, cooking)
The ongoing 'project health' (exercise + eye health saga) 
plus my proclivity to make messes it seems.
I turn around and clutter followed me while I was unawares. 
You know, life.
And it's a holiday week here in the States and Mr Husband has more vacation days
this week than not, so cooking and baking are, of course, on my mind...
How to get this all to come together,
well. God knows.
tomorrow is St John's day
I am so glad.
Praying that you will have the comfort and help for whatever
you are facing right now...
Lord have mercy on us! 


Granny Marigold said...

Tomorrow will be my Monday because today was of course Canada Day and not an ordinary Monday. We had our annual family BBQ and now I'm tired and will hopefully sleep well so I can feel refreshed in the morning.
I want to explore that cooking blog ( The Wednesday Chef) when I have time to browse. It's a lot of fun looking at recipes and figuring out how to make them so they suit our tastes.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

There is certainly a lot to be said for cookbooks! I love them too, mostly looking through them, not so much the cooking part anymore. Used to have quite a collection; now it's down to one shelf I can't live without. You have a lot of projects you are thinking about! All I know is you have wonderful meals and beautiful table settings every time I stop by here, so you are obviously good at the things you enjoy. Speaking of enjoying, do have a lovely summer working on your dreams and projects. A blessed day to you, Saint John pray for us!