Sunday, June 30, 2019

Friday-Sunday: reading, planning, church and heat

We had tuna sandwhiches this weekend for dinner.
My Husband likes his tuna straight from the can (drained) and on toast.
I like my tuna (drained) with vegan mayo, salt and pepper. 
Enough mayo to make it creamy but enough tuna to not have mayo smearing
on toast without tuna being more present than the mayo. 
Good bread toasted with simple tuna spread is a great
fast summer meal. 
So I read a book I have owned for a few years,
began Friday finished Saturday.
When We Were Orphans.
Very well written.
Ending very difficult, a page or so I wish I never read.
Painful, shocking page. 
A lot of sadness. 
My Husband asked if I am glad I read it.
Yes, in terms of the beauty, the way he captured what 
a child is like when young, 
but no in terms of the ending and the sense of
misery that seems inescapable. 
It was a bit of a miracle that I made it to church.
My left eye was killing me suddenly with dry eye
and I rode the hour plus ride to church with a wet wash cloth
spread across my eyes to try to help me eye 
get past that pain. 
About halfway through liturgy the pain lessened and I was able 
to look around without pain. 
A blessing.
The heat (real feel was 99F last night) has been sapping my
energy and making me feel like a wilted dish rag on the floor,
desperate for a good wash to restore. 
So I am reading all about cooking but not actually cooking much.
Even though we have AC, we are trying to use it
wisely.... so more reading than cooking.
Our toaster oven continues to be a marvel.
Parchment paper, sliced potatoes and fish sticks.
One mistake was putting way too much oil on the potatoes.
Only a little is needed.
So I had to lessen the oil by transferring to a new parchment paper 
and wiping away some of the oil with clean paper towels. 
Baking both the fish sticks and potatoes longer worked out well
and did not heat up the whole kitchen.
Parchment paper seems like God's gift to all who love to cook and bake!
I am dreaming of getting a griddle/grill pan to use over stove-top.
I am still researching options/sizing. 
I ordered some new (used) cookbooks and am reading
two by Madhur Jaffrey and enjoying learning and being inspired.
My friend's surgery went well and she is home now. 
May God help us all in our times of weariness, need and sorrow.


Elizabethd said...

I use parchment paper, called baking paper here, for so many things. I line cake tins and biscuit tins, I use it for baking pork tenderloin wrapped with many ways.

Lisa Richards said...

I watch a lot of videos about life in India and the food always looks so good!Sorry about you eye trouble! Praying for you! Take it easy in the heat. :)

GretchenJoanna said...

I love Indian food! Spending a few weeks in the household with the Indian nanny again has given me the opportunity to eat more of it again, for which I'm thankful. I always find that reading cookbooks or even looking through my piles of loose recipes is very relaxing, especially when there is no pressure to cook anything immediately or at all :-)

That sounds miserable, to have such pain in Liturgy. I'm so glad it eased up eventually!