Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Please pray for Wes and Photini today...

Please pray, in your compassion,
for my cousin Wes who has rectal cancer;
he is on his second round of chemo and
is in need of special prayers today
(can't say more but the need is very real)...
Please also pray for my friend Photini who
has turned a corner but is in need of prayers
for continued healing.
They are both going through unexpected storms in their
lives and I ask your prayers.
If there is something today I can pray for you,
just leave me a comment or, if one who emails me,
you can do this also.
FYI, my medical eye stuff is progressing in terms of 
more medical appointments. 
Once I have time to tell those who need to know first
before I write some details here, 
I will let you all know.
Isn't it *wonderful* that we can lift each other up in prayer
and that our Lord Jesus Christ cares for us and
what we are suffering! 
May God bless us all!
Thanks again for any prayer/s you can do for Wes and Photini! 


Lisa Richards said...

Praying for Wes and Photini. Yes, I love this blogging connection where we can support each other in prayer!

L.G. said...

You betcha!

Diana said...

I have you, Wes, and Photini on my prayer list. Prayer for others is so important, espcially when we have such a great blogging community! If you read my post for today on my blog, you'll find where I (and my family) could use some prayer. Blessings to you! ♥

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Prayers for them both, and for both of you!