Monday, June 17, 2019

Ellwood City PA ~ A Lovely Monastery

I spent Monday evening-Wednesday mid-afternoon here.
It was wonderful. 
So peace-giving.
I want to blog more about it but today was busy
(house is clean now!) and I must get to bed.
I am so very thankful for last week
and hope I get to tell you more about it soon. 
May God help us no matter where we are in our life...


Tracy said...

How WONDERFUL you were in PA!! Looking forward to seeing more from my home state. ;) I hope you had a blessed time away... GOD BLESS you my friend as you settle in at home again post-travels. ((HUGS))

Mary said...

Wonderful to hear you were at Holy Transfiguration. I think of it as 'my monastery' as I have been making retreat there many years and dearly love the sisters. I am way overdue for my next visit. God bless.