Tuesday, June 04, 2019

And tomorrow Pascha (Easter) time (liturgically for this year) ends

Do you see it?
In the above picture, 
of my second breakfast since I somehow woke up at 5 AM this morning (!)
I had a plate on top of a plate so that my luncheon dishes 
remained fully set and ready for later! 

Between second breakfast and making the egg salad for the luncheon,
I went to the pool!
And was the ONLY one there.
It was gloriously freeing :)
Upon the lifeguard's suggestion, I had fun swimming diagonal laps 
I did at least 6, which is 9 normal laps (.5 more than non-diagonal)
and when I was done, I went home and made the egg salad...
(recipe down below for this!)

A little gift for my friend who came :) 

Minced fine a small 1/4 of a medium onion,
6 boiled eggs
sparing amount of mayo
one demitasse spoon of french mustard
salt, pepper = My Mom's Delicious Egg Salad 
of which I called her for the recipe yesterday for, as I could not find it!
(did I ever tell you about when I was learning to cook,
I called my Mom to ask her how I would go about boiling an egg :)....)

By this time (above) the butter and spreadable cheese was on the table,
so clearly Cleo wanted to be nearby...(!)

My friend  brought the chicken salad with dill and it was so SO delicious.... 

Had my last Pascha basket treat for the season... 
(Pascha is what Orthodox Christian's call Easter by the way)...
a yummy chocolate treat... 
tomorrow is the "leave-taking of Pascha" which is exactly
what it sounds like...
Pascha is taking leave of us, and ushering in the celebration of
Christ's Ascension (which is Thursday, our Easter being a week 
behind Western Easter this year)... then 10 days later is Pentecost... 
I had a very nice time at tea/luncheon with a dear longtime local friend...
it was so nice to talk, catch up and share things that 
are from the heart...and enjoy delicious food... :) 

which I put out again for dinner...
Mr Husband and I watched a Walton's episode tonight...
I love our Walton's Dates! We are on season 7 now... 

It goes just past the knee in length and was so 
comfortable and fun in the summer time!
I have a little white knit (actually it looks crocheted...) 
shrug/bolero jacket that I wear with this dress...
This afternoon I shipped my godkids's Pascha bread and 
 chocolate chip cookies ... both straight from freezer,
with 3 ice packs each and the silver mylar/reflective bubble wrap
that I used packing tape to entirely close around the
baked goods and frozen solid ice packs....and then
put it in box with padding and taped the box sealed shut 
as well...they will both be delivered DV by Thursday and 
my guess is that they will be fine (i.e. not melted) upon arrival...
I did my best anyway (and the price point for 1 day was going to be 
a LOT more money than 2 day!) and I am so so glad it is finally 
shipped! Whew... 
So a busy but good day... 
My cousin Wes began Chemo today.
My friend Photini has more medical things this week,
asking prayers.
Oh! and I go to NYC tomorrow to see my retina specialist.
(if you are new to my blog, I am having some sort of eye trouble 
and had 4 tests in the last month or so and tomorrow I am to find out 
the results etc).
So prayers welcome also for this!
So much suffering in this world
may God help us all!


Granny Marigold said...

Your luncheon table looks very lovely and the food delicious! How nice to have that special time with your friend.
I hope your eye appointment goes as well as possible and does not include any painful tests.

Nancy said...
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Elizabethd said...

So pleased you put a photo of your very pretty dress, I wondered what it would look like.
Delicious meal!

Nancy said...

I just now realized that I called Cleo Chloe. It didn't look right when I typed it but I still hit publish. The comment has been deleted so I can try again.

Love your blue dishes! And Cleo!

Blessings to you and yours!

Lisa Richards said...

You're so blessed to have a pool nearby. And a helpful lifeguard! Clever of you to stack the dishes like that. Sounds like you had some good friend time. Prayers for you, Wes, and Photini. My daughter has asked me how to boil an egg, lol. I wasn't a very good teacher when she was growing up. I'm not the best cook, and she wasn't very interested at the time. You ask when you need to know! ;) God bless!

Paula said...

Ella's goat cheese comes shipped like that and stay nice and cold.

The winter I was pregnant with Ella (and huge since I'm only 5 ft) we would often go swimming at the hotel in Pembroke. More often than not we'd have the whole pool to ourselves. It's fun.

You party tables always look so lovely.

Becki said...

That dress is so pretty! And how wonderful to have that beautiful big pool all to yourself. And what a delicious looking lunch.