Thursday, June 27, 2019

A quiet Thursday with an loud pool hour

Swimming. So far so good: lap lanes kept for lap swimming as long as 
someone is using it to swim laps (so one is not dodging kids now 
that school is out) and I've really appreciated that.
I have found the two above Trader Joes products to be perfect 
for bathing after being in a clorine pool. 
My hair does not look like a burnt out dry mess and I admit
I just LOVE that shower gel... :) 
it is a lot louder now that the kids are out, but I am happy to see
so many having fun in good healthy ways....
I saw the man paint a bit of the mural on the bodega today,
he was using spray paint! I was surprised but I guess I should not have been...
I was able to tell him how much I liked it, esp the sun and clouds he did on it 
(will have to show you a picture of that later, as I don't have a picture of that yet).
So a friend has been in surgery for hours now. 
This candle below (the one on the right)
is still burning bright for her... 
As well as for a friend's child... 
it is wonderful that we can pray for others! 

I was very happy to see that health cooking includes food I want to eat! 
Of course these cookbooks are not new,
but I am more of an old fashion type cook... so this is right up my ally! 
I found in the pasta book a pasta that sounds perfect for a special
feast day fish day meal... with scallops, white wine and arugula! 

I wrote it down for a possible option for our Slava (our family Saint's day celebration)
for, God willing, 2020 as it is on a Wednesday (and thus a fish day)...
(Orthodox Christians usually are vegetarian or vegan on Wednesday
and Fridays other than a few fast-free weeks/year.
Did you know that all Christians used to do this fast, many centuries ago?
I find that fascinating on many levels). 

Cleo the Cranky Gourmet. I love her though. Very much.

I rearranged my cookbooks... still can get them all in the 2 shelves...!

 I have been enjoying a multigrain bread I had bought and froze
these last few days, so good toasted!
This (above) was dinner.
Mr Husband ate at work and is almost home now,
as the PATH train was out of service and he waited till the crazy wait was over.
I feel some worries about the world at large
though not specifically about myself
and it takes effort to not let these worries consume me sometimes. 
I have been trying to decide if I should stay home tomorrow or go to my library in NYC.
Jury's still out on that one.
I can hear my Husband on the steps so by for now!
May God have mercy on us and save us! 


Paula said...

That's one of the things I love about our salt water pool. It's so much easier on my hair than chlorine. It's really good for Ella's eczema too. It totally clears up in the summer from pool opening to pool closing. I might get us a pass for one of the local pools this summer. I need to keep Ella's arms in good shape to be ready for her next swimming level (bronze medallion).

Granny Marigold said...

You have a great collection of cookbooks. I also read them for pleasure especially the ones with lots of pictures. A few years ago I went through my cookbooks and donated ones I no longer cared for. Now I have one drawer full, no more.

Martha said...

So neat to see a mural in progress! I love hot days and being able to go to the pool to cool off.

Lisa said...

I have The Way to Cook - it's a great resource. And The Continual Feast I also own, but I only make her meatloaf and the minestrone recipe. Otherwise, it's a bit fancy for me and I don't think of it. I have a tendency to tear recipes out of older magazines and those tempt me more than cookbooks, for some reason.

There is a Trader Joe's two towns over from us, and I really have to try and get over there, because so many people love it.

Lisa Richards said...

Wow! What a cookbook collection. I only have a few because I know I'm too lazy to do real cooking, ha ha. I'd love to see that mural! Yes, I think fear is Satan's biggest tool to keep us in bondage. I've been working on that one for a lifetime, but I'm gradually learning to take one day at a time and trust the Lord for each step. He's with you every moment. I know you know that, but it's something we really have to stay conscious of. Enjoy that pool!

karen said...

love your book collection. I need to cook out of the ones that I own instead of letting them sit on the shelves... How nice that you have a pool to swim laps in. Kids can be loud but it's okay at a pool rather than a movie, ha ha.. I love street art murals and always snap a photo of them I cannot imagine creating on such a grand scale.