Tuesday, June 25, 2019

That was fun! (NYC, Lion Brand Studio, Tea & Sympathy and Purl Soho!)

A dear longtime NJ based friend came to NYC today
to spend the afternoon with me!
We started with lunch with Mr Husband,
then went to Lion Brand Studio,
then to get a new (pink!) cart for me 
(she helped me decide on which one and I am so glad I got the
one I did get!..the last picture above is the place I bought it from
and the red cart I had before that) 
and then we went to Tea and Sympathy, boy did I need that respite, 
then we went to Purl Soho and then walked back,
got a bit turned around (a lady told us incorrect directions)
and had a lovely time walking and talking!
It was SO HUMID today here (and for NYC)...
I admit I bought a new purple bandana just so I could 
deal with the result of such heat 
(humidity, sun = I was drenched with perspiration, 
reminded me of L'Engle's book
the other side of the sun when the main character
has to be in full outfit for an outing and her clothes were so wet
because of the oppressive heat that they had to be wrung out,
it was not that bad for me but I still was reminded of this!)
We also stopped at a Trader Joes on Spring Street that I had not
been to before and I got a few things that will get us through the next while...
It was a really fun day!
Then I ate dinner at the diner and then Mr Husband, who ate at work,
came and we went home...
did our prayers while waiting for light rail (20 minutes)
and a nice cool bubble bath by candle light was the perfect finish of
such a lovely lovely day!
(And of course, by the time we were waiting for the train home,
my Husband was saying, "so you had lots of girl time?!" just like 
I had told my dear friend he would!)
I have various friends with such difficult struggles,
many medical in nature.
So many to pray for.
I pray and hope that no matter what you are facing,
that God's mercy, strength and comfort will carry you.


Diana said...

Oh my goodness, Elizabeth... I can't decide what I like best about this post. No, wait, yes I can.... EVERYTHING! All those beautiful colors of yarn – wow. WOW! And the shop window that looks like under the sea, how ingenious is that! I love the octopus knitting, just too cute. How great they have so many items for customers to look at... I would be in that fabric department sor sure lol. My mama taught me to knit when I was about 9 or 10... it kind of went by the wayside after a couple years. I've been wondering if I could remember things if I took up knitting again. Your post makes me want to find out!! What a joy that your friend could spen time with you! Too bad the humidity played havoc though! Hugs and blessings! ♥

elizabeth said...

Yes, it was a very special visit, one we had hoped for 2 years ago but I broke my foot and lost the summer! So that was wonderful to finally get to have this visit!I love knitting though I only do very simple things! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿฅข๐Ÿงถ❤

Paula said...

I'm so jealous of your trips some days. This one looks wonderful!

elizabeth said...

Paula if you ever make it down here you can stay with us and I will take you to NYC! ❤

Lisa Richards said...

So many pretty things and so much good food! I'm sure you wouldn't mind crocheting an octopus for me? :)

Tracy said...

Ooooo... ALL. THE. YARN! Wow!! I would like to live at either of those places, Purl Soho especially... LOL! ;) And LOVE, love, love you new bright pink wheelie shopping bag! What a perfect day out. We need those girlie days sometimes. They help recharge the batteries. So glad you're having some lovely timed so far this summer. God Bless you my friend ((HUGS))

Becki said...

Love these colorful pictures and coming along to NYC with you again! :) The picture of the yarn wall nearly makes me dizzy. Very artsy. Both the wall of yarn and your photo of it. And I love the pink bag with umbrella. Feminine and fun!