Friday, July 12, 2019

A busy feast day and a beautiful wedding!

7 years ago on the feast of St Peter and Paul,
my priest and Ottawa-spiritual father gave me the blessing for my
now Husband to know of me...
(I knew about him first
and talked to my priest about him and about marriage as everything
I knew about him, without actually knowing him,
already pointed to him as a very distinct marriage possibility...
and I had not dated anyone, but if you knew me and knew the list I knew of
what Mr Husband had in common with me,
you would get it. :) )
Today we were at church together for the Feast of St Peter and Paul! 
We gone through so much together already.
7 years is a long time and I am so grateful for our marriage. 
So it was really special to be at a wedding today in our new
shared church together!
It was a beautiful wedding... 
I was so happy to have been there, 
such a blessing! 
Well, boy was I tired by the time we got home at 4 PM!
I took a nap, made a simple fish dinner and 
cleaned up a little.
I also found the ingredients for the satay/sate! 
I was going to do chicken, but I have beef chunks that 
I got as a 'freebie' that are in the fridge...and the chicken is in 
the freezer... so will do a beef one instead! 
I have everything set up for it!
I ordered some needed things for my sister with
their new hope-to-be-adopted foster son... 
his big sister is so excited about him... 
she wakes up and asks to see him!
So wonderful! 
There are so many on our minds who are needing prayer...
Lord have mercy on us as well
struggle through difficulties! 
May the Lord comfort us and may we receive His peace! 


Granny Marigold said...

It must have been a lovely wedding that you attended. I love the ivory roses tinged with red as well as the white ones and the pink.

So wonderful that you and your now husband found each other and it has been seven blessed years.

Lisa said...

I hope the newlyweds have many years of happiness together!

Lisa Richards said...

Beautiful wedding, and I loved the story of how you met your husband. My hubby decided he was supposed to marry me when I joined the choir and hadn't met him yet. :)

Tracy said...

How lovely... so much love and loveliness! May the newlyweds be blessed with many happy years together with love & serving God and and each other. The cake is sooo pretty with the heart decoration... strawberries, is it?! :) We are surfacing from summer colds, so I'm much behind with catching up with you here... ((HUGS))

Martha said...

Yes, I knew of you through my sister, & your husband since he visited our parish often...I'm so glad you 2 are married, God made you to help each other.

elizabeth said...

G-M: Yes, it was a beautiful wedding and gorgeous roses! And they smelt like roses! Thank you for your kind words!
Lisa: thanks! Oh, that's a neat story about your Husband! I would love to hear more about that!
Tracy: yes! so much so! Yes, strawberries, I thought it was really pretty too! Oh dear, summer colds can be hard! a big HUG!
Martha, YES! I know! I agree, God brought us together to help each other! :)

Becki said...

Perhaps it's because I'm not Orthodox and maybe because things are done differently in your church (than mine), but your "tease" of a story intrigues me. I mean tease in the best way. Would love to read more about how you knew so much about your DH before you'd met him. How you and your DH met/got to know each other if your so inclined. I respect that you may not want to share as much as I'd be interested in hearing. But, as I said... I am intrigued.

elizabeth said...

Becki, oh thanks for wanting to know! I will try to write an essay about this, but it will take time! I always love your thoughts and comments, you are a kind presence in my life!

Becki said...

So glad you didn't interpret my comments as just being nosey. Truly, I find it beneficial to hear others' stories. They enrich life so much because of our differences, as well as similarities, but I also love hearing others' stories because they bring perspective. Facing a new stage in life I'm in need (and will continue to be in need) of proper perspective. ;^)