Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Wednesday: Swimming, pondering, reading, seeing

I found that the tall candle I had lit,
with a half used candle towards the back of the candle jar
filled with sand,
had melted in such a way that it had lit the shorter candle!
I had lit the tall one before we went swimming this morning
and came back to see 2 candles lit.
I felt like the one candle gave it's flame to the other
in a way that we are called to give light to others,
to help others have the light they need,
but then, like the candle wax connecting the two candles,
eventually the candle that was lit by the other candle
has to stand on it's own, without the wax bridging them,
somehow the wax giving the second candle it's flame
earlier on. 
A visual lesson on giving while not giving so much that
one loses it's own flame
and how one eventually pulls back so that the 
other candle hold's it's own flame. 
Like a Mother training a child to be independent.
Like a friend helping another but having
and understanding boundaries.
It was really special (and unexpected!) to see this... 

So I also came back from swimming and was shocked to realize that
my sterling silver ring that my Grandma gave me suddenly lost it's silver on 
the outside.  I am going to call the MI jeweler tomorrow to see if they,
on the suggestion of my beloved Mr Husband, can replate it
and also fix a small crack that you can see in this picture,
on the right hand side in the front. 
No more wearing it in the chlorine filled pool! 
I will know more tomorrow when I call... 
it is a special ring to me as it was to promise my Grandpa,
after he died, that I would always be a Christian... 
It has my name inside.... 

We had some of the vegan cake I made earlier (last Saturday) today... 

I used this teapot as it is easy to wash... 

Cleo has been funny.
I think she is just getting older.
We take it day by day.
I pray that God will save us and 
show us the way forward in our lives!
May God bless and help us!


Elizabethd said...

Cleo makes me laugh!

Lilly's Mom said...

Hello dear Elizabeth. Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt message today. You're a very gifted writer. Cleo is adorable as ever! We arrived home yesterday afternoon and Lilly was so happy to see us. Blessings to you dear friend.🕯️☦️🕯️

elizabeth said...

Elizabethd - Cleo SHOULD make you laugh! She's so funny! :)

L. M. ~ Thanks so much! I really appreciate your encouragement about my writing! Have a blessed weekend! A hug to Lilly!!!

Becki said...

Cleo is so funny balancing on the back of the chair like that. Does she actually sleep there?

elizabeth said...

Becki, no, she goes there to he nearby to us but does not sleep there ♡

elizabeth said...

*be no he

GretchenJoanna said...

I ruined one of my silver cross necklaces by wearing it when I swam :-( Then I went on a hunt for a wooden cross that I could wear in the pool, but eventually I gave up and went without ...

Cats are often so amusing in their choice of seating!