Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Cooking for the Sport of it (3 Indian dishes, rice and Naan Bread)

The Naan bread I used this recipe 
but I made it vegan by doing the following: 
~using almond milk for the dairy milk
~using egg replacer powder (pretty sure I use this one...
...I put it in a glass jar and don't have the label anymore!)
So... I think I could of used LESS than 4.5 cups flour.
Next time I need to use a rolling pin to make them thinner so that they are 
more evenly cooked! I used these instructions for how to bake them 
in a cast iron skillet on the stove top! 
I would have used vegan yogurt but my grocery delivery service did not 
sell plain and sweetened vanilla was NOT my choice for yogurt for this!
So I made it up instead :) 
So for the Indian dishes,
I think I did not add enough spice as I was in a hurry and did not measure.
so it was a bit too bland. 
I used this recipe for the big dish with the green peas. 
Any suggestions for adding spice after the fact, esp to the tomato dishes? 
I would love to learn any tips you may have :) 
Meanwhile, today I learned a lot including:
~boiling potatoes in their 'jackets' and having them cool and then peeling them.
This works great and a perfect new cooking technique for the dish! 
~roasting cumin seeds (smelled kind of like hot newly popped/popping popcorn to me!)
~cooking mushrooms and taking them out to cook something else before re-adding them
~making naan bread on stove top 
~that I *can* make many dishes at once as long as I pay attention to the timing and
when 2 recipes are the same time length
do one and then the other after the other one is underway
~the potato and cauliflower one worked great and was kept nice and warm with stove
burner turned off and lid kept on...however, before serving, turn burn on med-low
and stir a bit to dry it out as it got a less crisp because of the condensation
that happened with the lid on 
~next time measure spices more exactly and consider upping the spice a bit (but not too much) 
Well, I was in the kitchen cooking for a good 6+ hours.
My ankle (the one that I broke 2 summers ago) swelled.  Typical, post-injury.
I am so happy I can walk (that whole summer I was laid up).
I love that I can swim in the pool, cook, enjoy our home... 
I can tell I am still a bit worried about my eye health.
I hope to do some research on this... 
Well. I am so happy about the cooking adventures I had today!
I learned a lot, look forward to trying again
and hope that one day I can make really good naan bread! 
Mr Husband and I did some special prayers (a day late for St John's day)
and that was a blessing.
I pray that each of you will have blessings and encouragement
in whatever path, valley, mountaintop, unexpected terrain...may be in your life.
May God help us and save us!

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