Friday, July 26, 2019

Friday: You came so unexpectedly - wan't it just Tuesday?

Friday, you tricky little dog you, how did you come so fast?
Well, today was good, full and that curry never did get made.
I saw a friend for lunch and caught up on things.
I read here and there; did laundry; dishes; took lightrail home,
talked to my dear friend C who I have known for 20 years 
and that was so nice, esp as she sees me, including the humour in my life
and her laugh is one of my favourite things to hear. 
(And she reads my blog, I actually don't have many friends who 
have known me so long who do!)
And then I made lemon crinkle cookies.... recipe here! on my 
I will, DV, update this recipe tomorrow as I have not tried them yet,
since they had egg and today was a fast day so... tomorrow breakfast, you are just
around the corner...
I hope tomorrow to wax lyrically about them, perhaps gushing a bit...
how can I not, it's a lemon crinkle cookie after all... 
I ordered flowers for Uncle Hank to be delivered.
My Mom was able to go the funeral home this afternoon
and my Aunt H. hoped to go tonight 
and this made us so happy, esp. since we can't be there. 
His funeral is tomorrow... 
I am really really glad for family.
I am really sad that being over 40 means losing those who you love
who are 2 generations up from you, like Uncle Hank. 
Tomorrow, my Husband and I will eat leftover beef stroganoff,
ironically the first time my Husband will have it as we had
pizza (semi-homemade) on Monday and he wanted to get those 
leftovers gone before anything new, so tomorrow,
we will have beef stroganoff and biscuits that I made
the day we lost Uncle Hank. 
Somehow it is fitting.   
I am thinking of doing a second cream sauce (I have milk that needs to be used up 
and the egg noodles, fully predictably, ate up a bunch of the sauce,
though the wonderful taste is still in full force).  
But I want perfection so... I hope to do this, I want it to be my best.
I remember when +Patrick died and I made all the desserts for his mercy meal
and somehow making this meal I made on Tuesday
for my Husband and I to be nourished by
in light of such loss,
seems like the best way I an honour Uncle Hank,
outside of my, our, commitment to Christ, which is the ultimate honouring. 

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Lisa Richards said...

You're so right. Your commitment to Christ is the most important thing. Knowing my children love Jesus is so precious to me. Hope you've had a chance to enjoy those cookies! :)