Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Tuesday: swimming, learning and watching

I did not go to NYC today but did go swimming.
Was thinking of doing some grocery shopping when a huge storm,
with terrifically loud thunder came.
I swam, made a Asian inspired lunch of eggs and rice with carrots on the side.
Very filling and warm.
I then spent a good deal of time researching, reading abstracts and making notes.
I understand that the 2 retina diseases I am researching
are more severe when gotten at a younger age then myself.
That is about the only comfort I have found thus far in my
medical research... 
I also understand that genetic testing and therapy is very new
and I won't be doing the latter. 
I have a better understanding of the questions I want to ask.
I think that is all I can ask for right now,
is try to figure out what the questions are.
I am struggling with a bit of fear about it,
it's not easy to read these medical reports but if I don't,
I won't understand what I need to really know.
I can say that it is hard to face one's fears but one needs to,
with God's help. 
It's so hard when everything is really quite unknown.
I binge watched old Perry Mason movies later,
as Mr Husband came home later than normal... 
Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut.
Thursday will be my last research day + preparing everything for 
Friday.  The trip itself I am not as worried about.
But more has to be done.
May God help us all, no matter what we are facing,
or even if what we are facing is yet unknown.


Terra said...

The photo of your wet window is pretty, and I hope your research will give you helpful info and ideas. Jesus spoke often in the Bible about not being fearful because he knows our hearts and how fear is common.

Lisa Richards said...

As more things go wrong with this old body I look forward to that new, eternal body that's coming. Don't despair. He is with you every step of the way. Hugs and prayers!