Saturday, July 27, 2019

Saturday, looking towards next week

As promised, I wrote up the recipe and how GOOD these cookies are 
on my All the Ribbons blog earlier today!
They have this wonderful understated lemony tang,
the sweetness of the cookie is blissfully understated and the balance of 
flavours is lovely.  The cookie is soft, tender, chewy but crisp enough
that it clatters perfectly on the plate when serving the cookies.
I call it a cookie with an old soul, one that feels linked to the generations
before who have baked this cookie from Patrick's stash of recipes
handwritten on index cards.
For more, please read my blog post:
I can't wait to have more of them tomorrow,
they are the understated type of cookie that wows you more mid-bite than immediately
but that you find yourself thinking about later, and wishing for another,
and then another.... 

 Breakfast was indeed decadent.
then a lovely biscuit with jam,
then a bit of the plum torte. 
(I still mean to blog this plum torte!)

Lunch was beef stroganoff, biscuits and sides of fruit salad and a green salad.

As you can see, I had a third lemon crinkle cookie with my fruit salad.... so good!

I walked by our laundry room and who did I see? Silly Cleo! :)

Finished my doughnut today too.
Pretty but I have had better...

We were really blessed to share vespers with friends from our other (far-away) church tonight
and go out to dinner with them.
It was a blessing to be with friends.
Also a blessing to have so much good food to eat.
We were not able to be in Michigan for Uncle Hank's funeral, which was today.
Three family members took pictures of the flowers we sent.
I am really sad we were not able to be there.
As my Mom would say,
It is what it is. 
So.  I am officially in countdown mode. 
Next Friday I go to Philly for the eye appointment that 
could take up to FIVE hours. 
I am going to need to leave the house before 8 AM.
My appointment is at 11:30 but I need to give myself a bit of
leeway for unexpected things, which from what my friend who lives in Philly
has told me, I will need. 
I will be lucky if I am home by 8 PM or so.
So I am planning my food, drink (including tea), snacks, 
knitting, book/s to ready, headphones to take, cell phone
battery to re-charge my phone, writing (paper, pens), prayer rope...
not to mention my medical papers/research, folders, notebook...and 
lots and lots of eye drops...
Mr Husband is not going with but he is only a phone call/email/text/chat away.
The trains there + uber are not hard.  
It's more that it will be 1) a long day 2) eye appointments of this nature and tests I find
difficult, I often feel overwhelmed and afraid... but who would not be if there 
is a possibility of severe vision loss?  Or even not fully severe (i.e. blindness) but totally unknown.
I keep clinging to 2 things: 1. God 2. No one that we know of in my family lines
has gone blind.  Of course I don't think we know more than 4 generations back but STILL.
It's really something to hold on to, based on what I know and what my
 friends and research show. 
Well.  That's about all for me.
I could use another cookie...
May God bless, help and save us!


Lisa Richards said...

Cleo in the dryer, lol.
Praying for your next Friday concerns!
God bless. :)

Lisa said...

Gosh, Elizabeth, so many eye appointments! I hope they can help when it all gets figured out. Cute pic of Cleo. (Mr. Kibble just passed away)