Saturday, July 20, 2019

Heat + Liturgy & Vespers + Prayer request

This morning I went to liturgy for St Elias (Elijah)...
and read an email after liturgy that my Husband's 
Uncle H. had fallen and had bleeding on the brain, is in hospital. 
Later we learned that he was found unconscious and has not regained consciousness
and the prognosis for recovery is poor.  :(  Please pray for my Husband's 
Uncle and his wife, my Husband's Aunt. 
They live in Michigan and are ones we visit and take out for lunch 
when we come... we usually go to Russ' which is an old time Dutch restaurant that
Western MI is famous for... 
We love Uncle H. he is gentle, well read, quiet and kind.
He did some brick work for my +Uncle Jack decades ago. 
The Dutch connections in Western MI are pretty intact, esp from earlier generations...
I found an incredible yogurt, organic and made lactose free,
which sadly now days is more what I can handle.
I was so excited to find it,
as the plain yogurt is gloriously tart like a real good plain yogurt would be.
We have been enjoying lots of fruit and I am enjoying 
eggs (my Husband, as I mentioned does not like them)... 
We are staying local for church tomorrow DV and hope to see
our candle desk man after the meal, which is after the liturgy... 
We had ice cream earlier and you should have heard how much
Cleo begged for it! So funny.  
Later, when Mr Husband was sitting in his arm chair,
she went to be by him...
It is so hot right now... the car was registering 99F... real feel was 107F! 
I have been struck anew how much healing and love Christ showed in the Gospels.
And I read a beautiful set of lines by Elder Sophony about how
nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. 
And with this, I leave you,
with the prayer that we too will know such healing
and such love.


Granny Marigold said...

Praying for your uncle and also for your aunt.

We have been eating loads of fruit too. Yum. This evening we had an impromptu BBQ with 2 of our sons, a DIL and the 2 grands here. It was a hot day but we sat in the shade to eat and afterwards my youngest son played his guitar and sang for us. I love this kind of evening.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Diana said...

I have added your Uncle H. and Aunt to my prayer list, of course! I'm so sorry for what has happened to him. God bless them both... Aunt must be so very worried.

I love eggs, Jerry doesn't... however, he will eat the skillet omelets I make, mainly because the other ingredients I use mask the egg flavor lol.

I'm so thankful for the love and grace that Jesus Christ has for us, giving us comfort, healing, and peace. Hugs and blessings to you, Elizabeth! ♥

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Praying for your family xxx

Elizabethd said...

So sorry to hear of the sudden illness of your Uncle. I will be praying.

Lisa Richards said...

Praying for your uncle and aunt. I also had some good scrambled eggs for breakfast. I put miniature pepperonis and cheese in them. Yum. I'm thankful we aren't experiencing the heat you're getting. I hope you will all stay safe!

Lisa said...

It's much better here today - where you are, too? I'll remember your husband's uncle in my prayers, poor man.