Friday, June 10, 2011

Two more done, more to go

Two professional jobs in Ottawa applied for.

Another cover letter is already in the works

and more to start.


The balance between rest

(this is a quiet space in my life)

and that I need a job and don't want to

run out of money again

is a constant struggle for me.


It must be in God's plan and for a reason.

I remember when I was unemployed for a summer

and after that ended I started going

to the Orthodox church,

decided to become a librarian,

became a catachumen

and then moved home

and then moved back to Canada for library school

and then to Ottawa

and then back to library school...

and then to Ottawa where I still am today.

All in the space of three years;

4 churches in two years;

lived in 6.5 places in three years,

two countries,

four cities.


It was a tad overwhelming;

though in my earlier twenties I used to live in three places a year

and fly six times a year;

West Coast-Michigan-New England.


Someday I would love to go to Romania

(not to mention tons of monasteries!)

but meanwhile,

it would be nice to either be given the winnings of a lottery ticket

(since I don't play myself)

or a job.

I'll take the job :)


Blessed weekend everyone!


humanics said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! How our family can relate right now. My husband recently lost his job. . .crazy story. Anyway, thanks for checking in on me! I check in on you and a few other bloggers, but rarely comment because I can never think of anything brilliant to say!!!! I'm glad you left me a little note, though. Prayers for jobs. . .

elizabeth said...

so sorry to hear that your husband lost his job... this is so hard; there are so many of us, it seems. Thanks for prayers; Lord help us.

RW said...

I like this photo.
Take heart.