Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday of Light, Sunday of Struggle


It was a beautiful day today.

Liturgy was beautiful.

Our Parish meal was a great success,

very beautiful, great food, kids talent show,

they are really growing and constantly improving!


At the same time as all the good,

and I got the books I was promised and

wow, the books are so wonderful,
I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am.

And two of the books have Akathists in them already!

I love Saint stories and to have these is a

great blessing.


I had a small series of events that has proved challenging

and I feel like all the joy of the Feast is being

challenged with it.

1st I accidentally blistered my foot.

Sandal broke;

went bare foot home on both feet.

The foot that I could of kept the sandal on

I did not until halfway home when it was burning

and I saw that I had not only blistered the foot

but the one blister is open with very tender skin.

Oh me of foolish foot choices.


Then my oven broke.

only 1/3 baked

to church

and finished baking it there.

Made frosting this morning.


Then I looked at my face.


Spots. Again. Remember November?

I do.

And I remember the tests I had to do to make sure

I did not have a serious disease.

And as far as I know I don't have a serious disease.

But I can tell you this.

I do have the same rash again.

I came home late from church, looked in the mirror

and the rash is progressing already to the second stage.


Foot hurts. Open wound basically. Face spots.


1. call doctor and get appointment.

Get advice on minor toe wound care.

This may seem like over-reacting to an open toe blister

BUT I had a serious foot injury on the other foot

and had a significant infection.

My aim is to not have a new infection now.

And my foot after walking home still has the burning hot

sensation. Do not like.

I want the fire of the Holy Spirit

not of a foot infection.

2. Call Dermatologist in AM and get appointment

3. Call Naturopath

4. buy bus tickets to go to appointments out of downtown

5. pray.

At least this time around I have two months of money yet

instead of no money really soon.

I just hope that the meds I will go on will not increase my


which I had for two nights in a row again.

Did I mention I am supposed to be job searching and

life keeps getting in the way?


Regardless today is still Pentecost.

I still need the Holy Spirit more than anything else,

job, health, even sanity itself.


Sarah Euphemia said...

Poor dear! I do find it interesting how bad things seem to pile on around an important happening of the Church like a feast, or chrismation/baptism. I believe the enemy uses things like this to try to take our focus off of the things above. Hang in there! Glad you had several good things to counteract the bad! Prayers!

GretchenJoanna said...

I'm so glad you could go to church and get the grace you really need right now. Praying for you for everything!

E Helena E said...

Praying for you! It was a beautiful afternoon and good to have seen you again. May you get rapid medical appointments early this week.

Anna said...

as all above comments, and well done for having a plan for tackling things in the morning. I wish you, especially, continuing peaceful sleep and a purring hot water bottle!