Monday, June 13, 2011

Suddenly it got very busy

Seeing Dermatologist tomorrow afternoon.

I have dinner for 7 or so tomorrow night.

I bought the food and need to go forward with this.

My freezer is not that big.

I've already communicated with my dinner group

as it were for help.

Why the rush?

Interview this Friday at 11.

Just found out.

Please pray for me.

This is a contract position but is a good one;

is in Ottawa.

I have at least 1 other job application to do as well.

Today is tending to my foot and cleaning as my weekend was long

and I can't function in this enviroment.

I won't be around on blogs this week.

I will be scanning all for prayer requests

so I will be here and praying

but will have to limit my actual going to your blog

outside of Google Reader and commenting.

But you all have my love.

And I ask your prayers.

My rash is not getting better.

Please pray that I will look okay for Friday

and the at meds will work quickly.

Did I mention that the meds can skyrocket anxiety and

create insomnia?

:) Crazy....

My life, it always has some drama.

God is with us.

I am happy to have this interview.

Begging your prayers.


MamaBirdEmma said...

Praying for you, Elizabeth!

I hope that the meds work quickly and that there are no difficult side effects!

Let us know about the interview!

Kiernan said...

Praying, for certain.

I'm excited to hear back about your interview. Blessings!

GretchenJoanna said...

I'll be praying, especially about your interview.

margaret said...

Prayers for Friday.