Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday - Holding On

Phone meeting went very well.

I will have a bit of work to do soon

and have time to focus now on my

two interviews this week.


I am very tired.


Praying for many who I love who are in their own

deep waters...


Found this yesterday and

cannot tell you how beautiful it is.

As I continue to read about the Optina Fathers

the beauty of the church, the singing

and the monastery of St. Elisabeth

that the link above is to,

I can only tell you we have been given a very

very great treasure in the Orthodox church

and that further healing of our lives

and selves is possible.


In the midst of our troubles, may God bring us

this healing.


Mimi said...

Prayers indeed.

Marfa said...

Hello there, dear Elizabeth...sounds like you're a little down...I hope all turns around for you soon! Have you read any good books lately? My 10 year old daughter, Hannah, just read "A Long Walk to Water" and then I read it, too. A wonderful story about a boy named Salva Dut from Sudan!!!