Monday, June 20, 2011

Beginning of the Apostles Fast

After a very intense last week -

interview, job applications, interview prep

the baptism (so wonderful)

Sunday church (wonderful as well)

today I had to rest.

I have a really big interview Wednesday but

know myself well enough that if I did not

listen to how I was feeling

I would not be able to regain the momentum

I need for Wednesday.


Add to that continued insomnia due to medicine,

Cleo getting sick in the night

(she's fine now by all accounts)

and city noises,

I knew that I could not push it today.


Also, this morning the old contract

I thought I was doing weeks ago

was mentioned again but at the end of today

I still don't know if I am doing that work or not.

So much instability right now;

I feel really weary.


I am struggling with the fact that

I will really only have one day to prepare for this interview.


But God is merciful and He will carry me through this

and He knows each detail of my life and is

in charge of ordering it.

If I needed a day to recover and be quiet

then so be it.

Better to be quiet and seek to remember God

admits the anxious struggles

than to charge ahead heedless.


All this aside, I have been keeping a candle lit for

others, including MamaJuliana

who was to have surgery today.


Let us remember one another in prayer.


Mat. Emily said...

Praying for you Elizabeth.

E Helena E said...

May this night be a peaceful one and God grant you good rest.

elizabeth said...

Mat. Emily - thank you from the bottom of my heart.

E-H - thank you. May it be...

Anna said...

and wishing you energy and encouragement for today's preparations :)