Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another possibility!

When it rains it pours - just got a call for a

**possible** one month contract

via a job agency I met with a few years back.

Now I have 4 potential leads, plus a small contract that I have still not heard back from...

I have to continue preparing for interview tomorrow,

finish a cover letter and do a new resume for this new possible contract!

(i.e. two resumes and a cover letter to finish today plus

more interview prep)


Prayers most sincerely requested!


Also could you pray for my stamina?

I am pretty certain that it may be a 30-40 minute bus time to

the interview tomorrow and this itself is tiring.

And that I will have focus on the interview at hand,

with so much else going on.


Thank you!!


Matushka Anna said...

Maybe to preserve health and sanity we should all stop praying for interviews! (c;

E Helena E said...

Wow! Love and prayers.

GretchenJoanna said... does seem that every day is a new adventure, sometimes because it's a quiet day and you quietly realize that God is there with His grace -- and sometimes because of health problems, an excess of appointments and long bus rides and who knows what else!
Yes, prayers for stamina, and peace, too. Please pray back for me -- I seem to be too busy to catch up and feel well myself.