Friday, June 17, 2011

Cleo aka my shadow

This post is dedicated to

Cleo is my every present shadow,

interested in whatever I seem to be closest to.

Inspecting the newly cleaned bathtub for instance.

And she wonders why it is always being cleaned,


She watched me iron my clothes for today's interview

but did not offer to help.

Consider the amount of delinting/furring I do

for such clothes,

it is probably good that she does not wish to take over

the ironing duties,

such as they are.

She is especially happy when I return home

and loves balancing on tops of chairs.

And that is what Cleo is up to... :)

(other than begging me to travel with her across the ocean

to meet such cats such as Miss Tilney, Miss Darcy and their

non-cat Big Sister

who she has grown quite fond of through

Miss Tilney's reports).

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Matushka Anna said...

Love it! Thanks for the smiles!