Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Picture from Sunday evening meal


Cleo's presence at meals is quite noticeable.

Not to mention if I happen to open a can of


she gets quite insistent.

In this one however she does not win.


Mat. Emily has some great summer meal ideas.

I am in need of all the ideas I can get.

And the Apostles fast is coming.

Any thoughts?


Nothing new to report as of late.

Working on three more job applications

more to do after this

and then more still.


Today was quite humid and hot

with a dramatic afternoon

hail bouncing


Cleo hid under the chair

while I turned off main appliances...


All is calm now.


Let us pray for each other.

1 comment:

mamajuliana said...

I LOVE the picture of Cleo! Today has been muggy and hot here with thunderstorms rolling through...Ah, summer!