Monday, June 13, 2011

small update

It looks like I may have an interview

at the end of this month

as well as the one this Friday.


I have really changed my reading habits over

the last two years;

have been thinking about this change for about

three or four years.

Some changes I run headlong into

others take a bit longer.

Everyone is different and every one's journey

and spiritual life is unique;

that is why there are so many Saints and they are all

individuals too.

I have been wanting to do more and more to gain

the peace that I know Christ offers

but that I have a hard time guarding.

It came to be that I became more open to radical

(or to me radical) steps to gain peace.

I am also someone who is easily impacted by outward happenings;

I blogged years ago about realizing that even listening to Amy Grant

(a childhood favourite)

would disturb my sense of inward peace.

I am what is written in the book

a book that I have never read all the words of

as I would find myself reading it too fast and get overwhelmed.

Which is kind of funny... :)


If I was a really spiritually strong person outward events

would not disturb me as they do;

I see this from my reading that I am slowly doing

on Saints and on prayer

(btw I am LOVING the wisdom I am seeing in

it's tying into the Ladder that I am reading;

will have to blog about that later).


I have been slowly trying to do more to gain peace

can't say I am always winning this one.

I sure felt overwhelmed again this morning!


Actually I don't know that I can say I gained anything yet.

But I believe that with God gain is possible.

That is something I am slowly seeing.


So what is the radical thing that I have changed?

After all this prefacing of it,

the change may seem minor :)


After thoughts, discussions with appropriate persons,

I decided that I should forgo reading mystery books.

Which for me was a HUGE change!

I read mystery books for years.

Even blogged about them.

I was like a 'mini-specialist' on them,

I read them so much.

And I am NOT at ALL saying that this is what others should do.

It's just that I have felt that if it will help me gain peace

than it is more than worth it.

Guess I will have to get back to you on whether it helps or not;

give me another ten years or so,

if God grants them to us all.


So I am selling my Agatha Christie collection.

I put it online about a month ago or so and a buyer has been found

and seems excited to be getting them - for her husband as a gift.

Which is really sweet and lovely.

So that makes me feel a bit better about giving them away.

Not getting tons for it, but I did not buy it for that much either.

I do have two biographies of her that I think I will keep,

but other than that,

I am saying goodbye to them.

It is bittersweet.

I hope to get a job so I can keep that money

and buy something special with it;

I already have a few books in mind...


If it can help me gain Christ though,

it is more than worth it.



I feel really run down

and in danger of falling prey to the flu.

Any suggestions?

What do you do to rejuvenate?


I am already doing some interview preparation

but I guess the selling of books was such a big thing

to me that I wanted to write about it.


Am thinking of MamaJuliana who had surgery today.

Let us remember her in prayer.


God is with us.


Sarah in Indiana said...

I like to take Emergen-C when I feel like I'm coming down with something.

Change is challenging, but almost anything worth doing is. The greatest challenge can lead to the greatest spiritual growth

Praying for you.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Praying for you and Mama Juliana, and I am so glad you are enjoying the Optina Elder book :-)

Michelle M. said...

Praying that interviews go well.