Friday, June 17, 2011


I know.

A lot of blog posts in one day.

Well, it's been a very full day! What can I say?!

I finished and submitted the job application.

It seemed like a big enough deal to want to announce.


Two job submissions;

News of 4 interviews;

1 interview done:

that is a lot for one week.

Plus laundry, Tuesday dinner, and life in general.


The cake did not get baked but maybe I will be able to do it

later this weekend.



Please any prayers for the travel to monastery

are greatly appreciated.


Sarah Euphemia said...

There's been a lot of blog posts because you've had a lot of exciting news! Said a prayer for your interviews and traveling mercies. I hope you find rest and rejuvenation at the monastery.

Anna said...

Congratulations! that's a lot of preparation all at once, and at short notice. But what a wonderful flurry of opportunities coming your way! Lots of prayers for easy travel and a peaceful time at the monastery, preparing for an important (and exciting) week. Oh and well done with the good haircut too - that kind of confidence helps so much with presentation :)