Monday, June 06, 2011

Beautiful Weekend

One of my dear heart friends,

as in one who shares the loves and understandings

of the other's heart

was here visiting one of my other dear friends

and I.

We had tea, strawberries and a chicken pasta salad.


I read her quotes from the sayings of the desert fathers

and we talked of the books that give us life

the people we knew in our undergraduate days

and where we find ourselves.


We talked about how our generation has different struggle

than many in the generation before us.

Everything is in transition now.

Perhaps we are moving towards a new economy

towards something only our kids may know;

for now it means fewer jobs that give meaning to our lives

fewer jobs out there

and a sense among many of us that we really do not know where

we are going or what to go towards.


If I get a job in my field that is sustainable

on all levels,

I will count myself one of the lucky ones.


My dream is to be as I already am on a small scale -

providing spaces for friends to come

to be surrounded with the icons of Saints and

books that give life...

and a job that I can do to sustain it that will,

frankly, not kill me in the process of

working there.


I got back from my apartment after goodbyes and pictures

to many things.

First, I was surprised to realize I had not properly closed or locked

my apartment door; I had the keys with me but

I was distracted by the leave-taking of my friends and going

down for pictures.

I ended up being gone longer than I thought as the other friend

and I went for a walk and good talk.

Thank God Cleo was fine.

I called for her, got her bag of treats and promised her that if she

came out she would get a small full bowl of milk.

She came. Whew.

Later I had to hunt for my purse (everything had been moved around

due to my friend staying with me) and found that.

All is well.

It was a comfort to know that St. George was protecting my place,

the lampada by his icon is always lit.

The second surprise upon returning was an email from

one of my friends in Christ is giving me

6 of the books in the Optina Elder series.

I have been wanting these books for years now;

I would look at them on the 8th Day Books Catalogue

and dream of having them.
I am being given these Elder books:

- Elder Leonid
- Elder Anthony
- Elder Macarius
- Elder Ambrose
- Elder Nektary
- Elder Sebastian

I can't tell you how surprised I was. I have a small beautiful

icon of the Optina Saints and had been

aware of it again recently

(the icon is in a mini-hallway next to my bedroom door)

and am so excited to be nourished with their words.


I am more selective in my reading,

these days and want to surround myself with books

and Saints that can show me how to live,

how to discern and measure things accurately,

and that will not be a hindrance to developing

a spiritual life.

There is so much hope in doing this;

there is a wealth of spiritual wisdom, a treasury of

words and councils to open our selves to Christ,

to receive Christ's life, His living water

as St. Phontini did.


It is almost Pentecost.

We need to pray that our hearts be opened to receiving Christ

and the Holy Spirit afresh in our hearts,

in our bodies...

Truly the Maker of all Creation

and the Creator of the beauty of the trees,

the flowers,

the running waters,

is waiting for us to open our hearts and

receive Him.

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I am glad Cleo and your flat were safe, and that you had a good time with dear friends :-)

I have the books about Elder Macarius and Elder Barsanuphius, and they are true blessings to have ! I look forward to reading your thoughts about the other books as you get chance to read them :-)