Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Evening Sunshine

Quick post and then interview prep.

Called my Grandma and told her that I know have

three interviews in the works.

She was so excited for me;

she had just prayed this morning that I would

be encouraged and get an interview;

three of them is quite something.


I am a bit hyped up due to the upcoming interview

and other factors;

would love to hear suggestions for a good evening

wind-down / relax/ bring calm



Of course prayer is part of this.


Here's a picture of the chicken salad I made;

realized after the dinner that I did not add

enough noodles; it was too heavy on the stomach

though it tasted great!

Today I added more noodles to the leftovers...

Cooked and diced chicken breast

Sliced grapes


Dijon mustard

salt and pepper

cooked noodles

Anglican church sign.

Been thinking about Abundance and God.

How does it relate?

Obviously everything we have is from God;

but how are we to think about abundance?

What about our responsibility to others who have less?

Not easy questions.

And I think too easy to fall without realizing it in to a

health and wellness Gospel

which is not Christianity.

Christianity, one of my good friend said years ago,

is summarized in the Beatitudes.

Bit concerned that I may have insomnia again;

happened esp. the first time I took these


This is why I asked for calm-down suggestions.


Got my hair cut today!

I had been bummed by my last hair cut and with

three interviews wanted to not be concerned

about what my hair would do that day.


Grocery shopped;

strawberries are on a really good sale right now;

savouring the summer fruit.


Please pray for my interview preparation; lots to do...


Anna said...

I agree about that scary prosperity gospel business, and as far as I can tell God doesn't promise abundance of stuff. God's abundance is the fruits of the spirit, and nobody can be too rich in love, joy, peace, patience and however you like to translate the others! re insomnia, have you heard or read Frederica Mathewes-Greene on her middle of the night prayer routine? I wish you lots of confidence and well-restedness for wowing your interviewers :)

Beth said...

Well I keep waking up at 4:30 on the dot and am thankful for coffee.

Thank you for this post. As one who struggles with abundance and what it means to live out and follow the way of Christ, I am comforted when I know others are also out there questioning, praying.

And congratulations on the interviews.Prayers for you.

Peace and goodness for Iowa where the strawberries are ripe and ready to be picked.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Prayers for your interviews. Remeber, St Xenia is praying for you too :-)