Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finished ... at least for now

So I called the taxi for today's interview

and was dramatically told that

Will and Kate have landed

and downtown,

where I live,

was pretty much blocked off,

don't know if we can get to you.



Thank God all was fine, the taxi came and

I even had extra time to pray before the



I think the interview went well;

there were a lot of questions

and I was very drained / strained by the end.


I am home now.

A bit dazed by it all but I went to a good friend's

church for an Akathist yesterday and

that greatly helped.

As did your support and prayers.


Two weeks of interviews while feeling sick from

meds and having severe insomnia

(one night I had to take two sleeping pills just to fall asleep;

were talking severe side-effects in terms of sleep


was really hard.

So sorry that my blog has been a bit

about only one thing

for a long while;

but it was where I was

and man, I don't want to be there again.


I will now be recovering, baking cakes for St. Fanourios,

(a good friend reminded me of him today

as one who helps find jobs)

and working on Thanking God for everything.


I only hope I don't get sick as to be honest

I feel a bit on the verge.

But God, He will be there,

where ever I am,

sick or well.


Thanks be to God for His mercy, compassion and long-suffering.


Matushka Anna said...

I certainly hope you are able to get some significant sleep soon. Everything seems to be worse while sleep-deprived.


Marfa said...

Love to you...happy Canada Day! Do you think you'll see Will and Kate? Do they have parades there on such occasions? We will have a parade here on Monday July 4th for Independence Day!