Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ready, Set, Don't forget to breathe!

Interview tomorrow morning.

I feel like I began today well but then well

fell apart into scattered pieces.


Part of it is that I feel like I don't have enough of

the pieces of this particular puzzle;

I wish I felt more of a clear understanding of

the job I am interviewing for tomorrow.


I realize that I am failing to take one day at a time

and to trust God;

I am grateful to God for His mercy in these times;

I find job interviews exhausting -

it is like having tons of oral exams;

first you have to try to study for them but

did not have a teacher to learn from first

just the school of your own work experiences

and interview research and preparation;

you have know idea what the questions will be,

just the main topic of the exam;

but the exam is not just to pass a course,

it is to get a job.

No pressure, right?



I've interviewed with this organization before

and the interview is long -

at least 75 minutes

with three/four people meeting you.

I just want to get on with my life,

have some sense of stability and routine

and a job that does not destroy me.

Whether the job I interview tomorrow is such a job

I am really not sure.

Still weary but at least yesterday I was able to make
and buy food for the week and I have medicine to try to
counteract the insomnia from the other

please pray for me,

for help, wisdom, strength and the mercy of God.


Maureen E said...

I feel like I began today well but then well fell apart into scattered pieces.

Funny, this pretty much describes my day too!

You're in my prayers.

TeresaAngelina said...

Yes, will pray. You are "on the board" as it were. (chalk board near icon corner)

Sarah in Indiana said...

You're in my prayers. This reminds me to remember job-seekers, generally.

Anna said...

In mine too. And if you have an intelligent question or two about the organisation and/or the particular job ready at the interview, that will make a good impression too! What a beautiful photo :)

elizabeth said...

Thank you Maureen, T-A (love the chalk board idea!), Sarah and Anna - your prayers are very much appreciated!