Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Raining Interviews

Apparently it is interview time for me again!

I have an interview now next week

Wednesday morning as well!

For the place that was my dream job that I

interviewed for in early February.


So now I have three interviews.


I have a lot to do.


Prayers requested.


Thanking God for the interviews.


Praying that it will lead to a job,

hopefully a full-time permanent job

if that is God's will.


Sarah Euphemia said...

Glad you have these interviews! Will definitely pray for strength for you.

Matushka Anna said...

Yay on the interviews!

DebD said...

I hope one of them is *the one*.

mamajuliana said...

Yeah! for interviews~ I will be praying!

elizabeth said...

thank you everyone!! :)

MamaJuliana - hi! been thinking of you! love and prayers back!

E Helena E said...

Prayers and more prayers!! I am encouraged by this news!

Miss Tilney said...

My sister and I are confident that one of those establishments will employ you. If they do not simply tell me who you wish bitten. I am excessively accomplished at biting.

Big Sister says she is praying for your rash, your hair, your nerves and, indeed, everything else.