Friday, June 17, 2011

today/friday - another interview over

Interview Over.

I think it went well.

They wanted my references.

I liked them.

The one month contract via job agency

already is over as a current possibility.

I ended up taking a taxi to the interview

(glad I did, the busing it would of been hard but

was easy on the way back;

even saw some older Dutch ladies who I talked to,

was great to hear the Holland Accent :) ).

While I was taxiing to the interview the job agency

sent out a consent to send resume form

which I did not get until I was back

and they had already submitted what they had.

so sorry and all.

Goodness what a roller coaster this all is.


some pictures from a walk I took yesterday:

The beautiful dog and cat bowl set up for

those walking in the summer time.

Tres Cool, no?!

Beautiful bench.

I could use some rest time myself.

City Black Squirrel.

Good to see around.


I am tired now.

My goodness.

Another job application to finish today

and I had so hoped to bake another

Strawberry lemon cake for church today.


My mind is full and bursting.

Thank God I am going to a baptism of one of my

friend's babies tomorrow at the

Greek monastery.


Speaking of going to the monastery,

feel free to send me an email (roosjeblog @ yahoo .ca )

or a comment if you want names prayed for there;

I will make a list...


I like this little Catholic church

dedicated to St. Theresa, the little flower.

It is always nice to walk by.

Thank you all for your encouragement and

prayers during this time.

God is our only sure stability and salvation...

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Matushka Anna said...

Wow, I've never seen any squirrels but grey ones... Neat!