Wednesday, July 10, 2019

NYC + A Gentleman in Moscow, Discovery of East Manhattan Affordable Eateries and Other Adventures

Years ago I read a lot of mysteries, including a lot of the series
but never got to Z as she succumbed to cancer, 
which sure takes a lot of us today :( ...
Well, her main character sure was loved by a lot of people,
and I was no exception, in my twenties, trying to figure out life
and living without a lot of money, a lot like the detective 
she created, named Kinsey Millhone.
The detective was no Saint and I can't recommend these books to 
just anyone (I don't even know if I would say I recommend them, 
without knowing who I was recommending them to;
I am a librarian after all, trained in reader's advisory!)
 but I will say that I see how what we read can stay with us;
Kinsey, at least in the books I read, loved hole in the wall restaurants
and ate eggs a lot.  To this day I love eggs.
And hole in the wall restaurants. 
Cheap greasy spoons, as one may say. 
And I know that I was influenced by Kinsey Millhone on that one.
Well, being on the 'old calendar' as an Orthodox Christian,
we are still in the Apostle's fast, until this Friday.
That means that typically one is a vegan for those days.
However, if it is a special day (like a special Saint, often early
Christian martyrs), we get an easier fast day, 
which we call fish days because we can eat fish (and have wine!)
on those days! And...
Today was a fish day!
In my tradition that includes eggs...
So the Lexington Luncheonette and I had a good breakfast... 
as you can see from above :) 
And it was more affordable than other places I have seen... 
Later I had errands to run on 3rd Avenue and came across a Street Vendor
selling hats. I call these New York Specials. 
The hat below I got for 10$! 
Thank You God, I had been wanting a hat just like this! 

And THEN there IT WAS.
A Gentleman in Moscow.
3$ at my library's book shelf sale area. 
Yay! I had been meaning to read that! 
So far I am enjoying it!

I found another place near my library that is a hole in the wall
place with good prices.
I had a tuna fish sandwich, rye bread toasted, with a pickle and a bottle of water for lunch.
Cost me about 7$ which for NYC and Upper East Side (known for 
money, fashion and costly restaurants in my book) was a good price! 
it's called 1 burger and you can get everything from rice and beans to a burger
to eggs, all while sitting on bar stools at a counter... 
I know a woman who, if I remember correctly, paid nearly 30$ for breakfast.
I was telling Mr Husband that tonight and how I could see that for a special
occasion it may be OK but never for normal living.
Of course he was all 'I can see a lunch or dinner very special occasion, 
but NOT breakfast.'
Folks, we are unusually well matched EXCEPT for our 
breakfast philosophy.
He likes his cereal plain, no milk vegan or otherwise and eggs 
make him shudder.
I really think if he ate eggs, he would be sick before 
 chewing his first bite. 
I love him too much to ever put him through that. 
It is really the only thing that ever pains me regarding cooking 
for him.  French toast is a no-go and he does not even love pancakes.
I know, the horror. 
But he's so great in everything else, I accept this but surely
I dream of more epic brunches and people coming over and wanting
breakfast.  Marion Cunningham has way too many AMAZING breakfast
recipes to think otherwise.
I lived on eggs in grad school (library school) and when times
were tough for me when I lost my job and money was more than tight
but clear gone with only dust trails behind,
I had a lot of fried potatoes and eggs. 
I always get brown organic eggs...cage-free, etc etc... 
Well I went to the library after finding that great hat, as I mentioned,
and before I went for lunch, 
I edited an essay I am working on and feel that I am making progress on it.
But boy it's a lot of work.
But as one of my undergrad professors told me,
anything worth doing is a lot of work.
So it was hot today.
Sweaty stinky hot, though I was perplexed at seeing
various ladies wearing pants (and not the loose cool kind)
but loved seeing various ladies in dresses that looked like
cotton knit, very smart for hot weather).
After working in the library on things, 
I went home.
And I went back the Lexington Lunchonette 
and had a great tall glass of cold lemonade. 

Which I was later thinking of fondly -- and with some longing -- 
as the subway to the World Trade Centre PATH train station
was having delays.
A #4 train was sitting for many (20?) minutes, opening and closing doors,
people packed in like sardines in a can and then 
finally they told everyone to leave the train and so everyone piled out of the train
which left maybe 5 minutes later, empty.
And that train was a good 3 floors DOWN underground and it was so HOT,
WHEW.  The lady sitting next to me was getting so frustrated...
I was next in line for that and so I got out my wash cloth knitting
to not get stressed... 
Eventually we got moving and this really kind guy gave me his seat... 
so I sat and knitted...
and talked to people watching me knit 
(it seems to fascinate) and I talked to this young girl who was so sweet,
loving her My Little Pony that she had in a closed pink basket,
 telling me about how her Mom makes
the best Peanut Butter sandwiches
"and she puts something else on the sandwich!! Jelly!!!"
and that girl was so fond of her Mom and how loved she felt
getting that delicious PB&J sandwich.
It was worth the suffering in heat to sit by that girl so young
and happy and to see her radiating that she knows she is loved 
and cared for... 
I got some happy news within our family but can't write about it yet.
But it's a happy bit of news and that's great. 

So Cleo decided she is loved and cared for by using my 
as her new cat nap place. 
Silly Cleo. 
So I really liked this meme that is going around... 
I don't know who originated it so my apologies for not having a 
source to offer.... 

I think this is really true,
our sufferings can help others later.
Fr Stephen Freeman talks about this towards the end of his lecture,
which is also a podcast on Ancient Faith Radio,
I downloaded it and finished my second listen of it tonight.

It really is worth a listen.
It's really insightful and comforting. 
Prayer request, almost forgot:
our local elderly Candle Desk Man fell yesterday and is in hospital
and probably rehab after that.
He's suffering. 
Please pray for him. 
Praying for us to all have God's mercy and
for Him to help us and save us!


karen said...

I am reading a gentleman in moscow and LOVE it. I'm nearly finished. My husband and I scour the earth for a 'budget' meal where ever we go and I agree that burger place you found on the upper west side for $7 is an amazing price! Well done!

E Helena E said...

There's nothing like a good old fashioned "greasy spoon" especially for breakfasts. Glad to see there are still some that have not been trendified (few and far between now). I do like that first photo! Thank you also for posting the link to Fr. Stephen Freeman's talk. Hugs.

Cheryl said...

What a lovely insight into your city. I know want to try a hole in the wall restaurant and find a hat seller, just so I can buy one. Hats don't even suit me. Good for Cleo. She knows a comfy place when she sees one.

Elizabethd said...

Elizabeth, you do have some intriguing adventure days! Breakfasts, well I'm with you, I love eggs! Breakfast in France was always....if you went out to a bar or hotel, Croissants, butter, coffee. I miss that.

elizabeth said...

Great to hear you are reading this book!!! Yes, I am pleased about the price! Very fun searching for these!

elizabeth said...

Yes Absolutely! It is great to have these places! You are more than welcome for the talk link, it's well worth the listen!

elizabeth said...

It is so fun to find such small places! Cleo does find cherished places to rest!

elizabeth said...

I would miss breakfasts in France also! Long live eggs!!!

Lisa Richards said...

I love eggs, too! I always figure if you have eggs, bread and butter, you'll always have a meal to eat. :)
I love the story of the little girl and her pb&j. So sweet!
It was fun hearing about the various greasy spoons you found. That glass of lemonade looks so good!
Fun post! God bless!

Granny Marigold said...

I detest eggs too but love crepes and waffles so I use lots of vanilla to overcome the smell/taste of the eggs.
I haven't heard of the Man from Moscow books but DH and I have read as many of the Sue Grafton books as our library had. Nowadays I read far fewer mysteries than I used to.
I like your hat. It looks pretty and useful too for keeping the sun out of your eyes.

elizabeth said...

It seems that the comments I left in reply to ones above did not work in formatting in the non-mobile version. Oh well. Will reply for rest of this thread with names.

Lisa ~ Yes, I feel the same way about eggs and bread! That little girl was so sweet!!! I am glad you enjoyed the post! :)

Granny Marigold -- I totally understand your feeling against eggs - my Husband's sister is the same still I believe and his Godmother certainly dislikes eggs!! The Moscow book so far is lovely, I am still in early pages of it. Yes, I read less mysteries as well. Thanks for liking my hat, I feel the same about it, pretty and useful! It is such a great one for keeping the sun out of my eyes!

Lisa said...

I have an issue with eggs, but it isn't severe - I often get a queasy stomach after eating them. Having some yogurt will usually take care of it, or I may keep sipping kombucha. But I still eat them because it isn't always easy to know what to have for breakfast or lunch. I loved seeing Cleo in the suitcase!

elizabeth said...

Lisa, I totally here you about eggs being easy for breakfast and lunch! I love Kombucha!