Monday, February 22, 2021

Now That Was A Monday Type of Monday

Today began too early I think, about 7.  Of course this day
went sideways by lunch time so now it's after midnight.
Well, it began with me staggering out of bed
and getting the pizza stones out and in the 2 ovens
and then heating up the ovens and then putting the wet dough
in the 2 ovens and 30 or so minutes later, taking newly baked
fruit and nut bread out of the oven.
So now we have really nice bread for the week, which is a blessing.
I read and then I made chili and Jiffy Corn Bread and 
we had that for lunch
and pelmeni for dinner.
I finished Victtoria Cottage and the second one as well
Music in the Hills which I own in print
and reading is a lot faster than listening!
I talked to my Mom and read a lot today.
And prayed of course.
Got a new unbloggable concern, thankfully not anything to worry
about with my marriage or family. 
There's always something and sometimes there is more than one 
unexpected something.
I got the dishes washed and things put away.
The dishwasher is running right now.
I hope to go for a walk tomorrow and
maybe post a book review. 
How I LOVE DE Stevenson. I find her books so healing,
so soothing.  I am very thankful.
I pray that you have had something that blessed you today!
May God help us in all things and have mercy on us!


Martha said...

Your fruit + nut bread looks scrumptious as usual. Hope all is well, as far as your issue of concern. The pilmeni and sour cream make me wish for some...and I will plan for it later this week.

karen hess jewelry said...

Although you had a late start to your day and it went sideways midway, it was certainly full! Your meals always look so inviting. I never heard of pelmeni, so I had to look it up. It sounds delicious! I try to think of something each day to give thanks and today was getting my 1st vaccine. I had prayed to receive the Moderna for religious reasons, and that was what I got. So, I’m very thankful today.