Wednesday, August 07, 2019

How is it Wednesday already?! A report on creativity + yarn along!

It is amazing how much can be packed into a few weeks!
Since my last yarn along post in July, 
lots of creativity, makes and reading has happened!
I am steadily making more wash clothes on the knitting front!
Perfect and easy for summer and dealing with the heat! 

after a long starting over as it had gotten put on a shelf and forgotten
in the business of a lot of days and seasons. 
That said, I do enjoy it and find it well written.  
I am still reading this book of letters, slowly.
Another creative endeavour of mine is that I started a foodie/culinary blog
All the Ribbons in mid-July ... to write about the foods newly discovered
or loved for a long time!

 I grilled beef skewers and made a peanut sauce satay for the first time
and created a very satisfying Asian noodle dish from this.

I also made a strawberry lemon cake that I am still tweaking!
and have begun reading this...very enlightening...!

I created a lovely simple beef stroganoff and blogged about it on All the Ribbons,
it was so good and comforting.  
I made it the week (and actually the morning of the day that)
my Husband's Uncle Hank went to be with our Lord Jesus Christ, 
after an unexpected fall that left him unconscious and in hospital...
I am working on an essay on how creating this meal helped me
process this loss... I hope to publish it in next weeks on my 
food blog (and will let you know on this blog when I do)...
that I have blogged about here.
I really enjoyed reading and have finished Luisa Weiss' My Berlin Kitchen.

 I baked a delicious plum torte that day as well... 
I am planning on writing on this as well on my All the Ribbons blog :)

I have enjoyed immensely reading this small facsimile of an 1800 cookery book
that a dear friend sent me! 

In the creative culinary realm I also baked a lemon crinkle cookie 
that really has an old soul - from a stash of handwritten recipes
found in our dear friend +Patrick's house that we helped
organize after he joined his Lord and Saviour who he loved so much.... 
I wrote about this recipe here and recommend it as a
wonderful lemony tender crumbed cookie that keeps you wanting more!

Last on the culinary creative front, I baked Maryland fried chicken on 
Sunday and the leftovers of this have proven to be perfect,
reheated in the toaster oven!

I think it will be one of the significant days of 2019 for me.
This Psalter (book of Psalms) was a real blessing to me 
on this morning of the train ride! 
On the fabric side of creative endeavours, I have made a lot of progress
on my goddaughter's quilt this past Monday!
With a friend's help I stitched together the back fabric 
as well as the batting, which was in 2 pieces. 

This quilt is finally ready for quilting!

This picture (above) is the back fabric, the quilt
is all folded up, ready to be quilted later ... I am hoping to get to it
next week! 

I am really pleased with how it has turned out!
I am planning on quilting it in the lines that are already in this quilt,
it's called "stitch in the ditch" and I think will be the best way to 
quilt this one, as I am still new to quilting, this being
my second quilt and I hope my first really good one!
I also finished reading (well listening to!) this book,
it was really good!

This book, The Forgotten Sisters, is the third book in this series.
I was impressed with these books and highly recommend them!
It is such a blessing to work on various art forms!
From Knitting, Cooking, Baking, Quilting ... to enjoying the 
art form of writing and dramatic reading... 
Speaking of reading out loud, I am still reading
Tolkien's Letters out loud to Mr Husband most nights 
and it is a very enjoyable moment in our often busy days!
What are you creating and reading?  
You are most welcome to Yarn-Along with us! 

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Cheryl said...

Oh so true. It is wonderful to be creative in so many ways. I love your quilt. The colours would make me smile every time I saw it. Your pile of washcloths is growing. Very satisfying, I bet, to see it. I've not heard of any of your books. Fascinated by the Soviet cooking one. Good luck with your new food blog. You have so many talents.