Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Wednesday: a from scratch tomato pasta, stationary and baking plans (and a question)

Cleo was locked in our office at least 3 times today
(Mr Husband closes the door when he is not at his computer
and Cleo decided to choose this spot today...)
She's fine though and doing pretty good!

 Well, it was that time in early August again, when we 
go to the VNA rummage sale in May and I get 
either books or stationary, we bag it up for 3 months
to be sure there are no bugs etc. 
We've never had a problem, but good to be careful. 
So above is the stationary and things I found back in May!
I love deals and can't imagine paying "full price" for (often very costly!)
stationary and LOVE that I can go to the VNA rummage sale and find such pretty cards,
papers, journals and more! :) 
(I totally did not realize Mr Husband was in the "background" of these pictures
when I took them, ha! funny!)

I made a tomato sauce!
Here's a quick rundown of how I made it:
 I had olive oil in the bottom of the pan and I put sliced garlic in there that I cooked up 
and then removed.  The garlic left the taste of the garlic in the oil!
 I cut up the 3 tomatoes coring only what I needed to.
 I added dried basil, oregano and Italian spices to this. 
I then simmered the tomatoes for at least 20 minutes. 
I added and wilted a bunch of spinach at the end. 
I cooked up half a box of thin spaghetti noodles 
and once cooked I added olive oil and lemon juice from one lemon to 
the cooked pasta and tossed it well.
 I then mix the sauce with the noodles, tossed it well again
 and we enjoyed it with a light amount of salt and pepper added!
It was a really nice summer pasta, refreshing, with a nice tomato tang
and was light, nutritious and delicious! 

My Husband got out VNA book finds including an older Far Side comic book.
He called me over to see that comic above, so of course, I took a picture of it! :)

My question!
I did not notice that the removable bottom is slightly smaller than the pan...
it still fully covers the opening in the bottom but not sure how this (gap of about 1 cm)
 will be for baking.  I am thinking that I will put parchment 
paper down (buttered) and that with this + the removable bottom, should work.
 What do you think? Will the 1 cm gap matter?
(Second question, for fun, do you think the language is Korean or Japanese?
I am guessing Korean but am not sure....) 

I bought this Cherry Pitter for the cherry bars I hope to make tomorrow... 

I spent some time organizing my long table behind the recliner
(aka Mr Husband's chair that he just LOVES,
and sat reading a new to him history book tonight!)
and finished writing a letter and did a bit of stamping! 
Since doing the earlier yarn along post for today/this month,
I am thinking about how much of my days are spent doing something
creative and how thankful I am for that.
And how I think EVERYONE does something creative
and each one is different and that's part of the fun.
It's funny, I was often put in "arts and crafts" cabin when I was
working at the Bible Camp in CT and I often wished I was doing
"nature" instead (I love walks/nature) and while I still love walking,
I LOVE doing crafts of all kinds... I think others saw things in me that
I did not see myself...though I think another part of this was that
I was never "in charge" so it was more passive and I think I enjoy
planning and doing more than just being somewhere where
I did not have direct input into what is going on.
Well, I know already that I am not going to NYC tomorrow.
Mr Husband may be working from home a second day tomorrow 
and I want to be home with him so I can feed him :) 
May God give us all a peaceful night and the help we need 
at every moment we come to!


Granny Marigold said...

You have been busy and have accomplished so much these past weeks!!
I wonder if that smaller bottom in the baking pan will matter. I think I would try it but put a cookie sheet under it in the oven just in case it leaks.
About the foreign words... I once had a pretty mug with Oriental letters on it and my daughter took a picture of it with her phone and got it translated. Might work on your lettering too.

Emily H. said...

My son is studying Japanese. He says it's not Japanese, but it's Chinese.

elizabeth said...

Granny Marigold ~ Yes, I suppose I have done a lot! I think we all do if we realize and list the things! A tray underneath is a great idea, thanks~
Emily H~ oh! thanks~! I guess the font threw me off!!! you are right, I googled it and it is for sure a brand from China!

Lisa Richards said...

Wow! Lots of washcloths! That looks like a pattern I've used. It looks like your husband is enjoying his recliner. I love a good recliner myself! That cartoon is great! LOL Enjoy your cooking! (Pretty cards from the rummage sale, too!)