Sunday, August 04, 2019

Sunday: thankful for liturgy, post-liturgical-nap, homemade fried chicken with pasta and salad

Liturgy this morning... 

ice cream treat later in afternoon, after much needed nap!

I made fried chicken.
I need to try this again.
I fried it/browned it and then baked in toaster oven.
I think next time I need to try to do it (did the "Maryland version" with
egg and water and then panko bread crumbs) without the water but only the egg mixture.
I found that with some pieces the breading would fall off.  
And the breading burned a bit too easily.
It tasted good though!

I heated up some jarred (tomato) vodka sauce and some mini-linguine noodles
to eat with it, a spinach salad on the side.
It was pretty good! 

I got this basket at a VNA rummage sale over a year ago.
I disinfected this basket also, of course, and the plastic plates, mugs and cutlery
 I sanitized in the dishwasher.
It's not new and while I vacuumed it with our handheld vacuum, 
the wicker is shedding in parts.
So if I find a better one, one day, I will get that.
I have had a dream of having a picnic in Central Park.
I am thinking it may be best to do it when the weather is cooler
and hopefully not as many bugs that bite out... 

Obviously, children need parents and family to raise a child,
but I did find the above drawing to be lovely.

I saw this today, don't know who painted it,
but it's super cute.
(I also don't know the source of the other picture).
I think it is hard to really 'see' oneself... 
or, I think, to understand what is going on... 
I am often encouraged by various prayers found in Orthodox prayer books
that speak of God's love for us as sinners.
And I see that part of what Christ wants of us is to see that we are
in need of Christ *because* we are sinners, because we are broken,
because we need healing.  
I also like the picture above of the dog's 'self portrait' because 
When I look at pictures of myself, 
it's more 'cute' and 'lovable' that shows through,
not impressive/noticeable/at all forbidding/commanding/etc.
I am so thankful that I have a Husband who at least
helps me see that while I am not going to stand out in a crowd,
I am loved and that is WAY better.
I find myself pondering how God loves us.
How we can see one thing and God sees another.
Of course, God wants to take us beyond what we are now;
His call to repentance is clear; to change; but I think of His
patience as we struggle to do that; that He sees us
beyond how we do (including how sinful we are) and He still loves.
How can we find a key for our lives, it seems to be to learn to love,
to love God more than ourselves and to learn to love others 
more like God loves them.
May God help us. 


Lisa Richards said...

When I think of frying chicken I think of my mom making chicken for the family dinner, in her big cast iron pan, when I was young. It's a good memory and so delicious! I haven't made it this way in decades. I usually do the oven frying thing with a coating mix. It's funny that frying chicken doesn't really bring back memories of my job at the deli where I fried tons of chicken in big deep fat fryers and hauled 40 lb. boxes of raw chicken around all day. I think my memory of that is suppressed! LOL I did that for 13 years. That looks like a very old cookbook.

The pictures in the church are so beautiful with the sunlight streaming in the windows!

elizabeth said...

Lisa, I would LOVE to hear more about your Mom's fried chicken! How did she make it? That sounds like WONDERFUL memory!!! It's wonderful that you have this memory; the one of working in the deli sounds hard! Yes, I think the cookbook is old, I love it very much! I am working on a blog post about it... for my other blog... Yes, I love that sunlight through those windows! :)

Granny Marigold said...

I have a picnic basket exactly like yours. It came with no dishes but that's okay because I use it for storage. I have another wicker one, more like a small trunk, and the two of them stacked in the corner of the LR look okay and can hold a lot of 'stuff'.
Your chicken looks wonderful ( that's quite a compliment from me, a mostly vegetarian).

GretchenJoanna said...

When I was first in 4-H I took a cooking class taught by the mother of one of my school classmates. The only thing I remember her teaching us was to make fried chicken! Probably because we never had such a dish in my home.

We made the fried chicken and put it in boxes with other things I don't remember, and took them to a box-supper social where the boys would bid on them, not knowing who put them together, and then you ate dinner with that boy. I was only about 11, and I don't think I ever saw that boy again, though I can remember his name. Also pretty sure I never made fried chicken again!

Your chicken looks very appealing, and is making me hungry!! XO