Tuesday, October 09, 2018

My time is not my own

It's often the little things that bring satisfaction: 
for years (10 at least) I had looked at the enamel colander with wistfulness. 
I found one at the VNA rummage sale for a few dollars. 
It, admittedly, has a bit of rust at the base, but I have already ascertained 
that the way I wash it will not add to this issue.
 I am quite happy with it!

A dear friend and former roommate, along with her parents, gave me this teacup
many years ago and now I have a matching teapot for it.
It was special to use and get out.
She also gave me the green teapot that I use most often, so
this is full of special memories...
I hope to write her a letter soon, as I got one recently from her! :)

I used a teabag quickly with the tea-ball leaning in the teapot this afternoon,
worked great... 

Love that these white plates work well in the mircrowave
and look great as serving dishes!

Used up candles that were nearly done today...

Had a special treat late in the day!

Had dinner with a friend,
it was so delicious! 
I was 'responsible' and had a salad instead of fries :)
I am reading still Becoming a Healing Presence and the concept of time
and that if I see that time is not my own as something that can bring peace
is something I am pondering.
I am really liking this book and hope to re-read it.
I am thinking also, from this book, about living in the present moment, 
I can't remember if I blogged about this already, but it is the 
understanding that in the moment I am in, right now, presently, is 
one of peace, is one that can be quiet or beautiful or a moment that tells me
that I am tired and need rest or food or a walk and in the moment
I can have peace by being present to it, with God
and that is something that is carrying me.
(As are your words of encouragement, prayers and kindness, thank you)...


Pom Pom said...

It's just way too easy to click over and buy a book that sounds so good, so I did! Thanks!
I love all your new dishes. I do love dishes so very much and I have too many. Just yesterday, our daughter in law asked, "How many teapots do you think you have?" Gulp. Way too many and I rarely use a pot. But it's so cozy to have teapots so teapots I shall have.
God be with you, thoughtful one.

Juliana said...

Glad you are feeling a bit more peaceful these days! My mom kind of collects tea cups, and she has that one as well! It is so pretty.

GretchenJoanna said...

It is nice to know that at least some people are sitting down in a civilized and peaceful manner with a pot of tea, and a nice table setting.

That sandwich does look good, too!

Love in Christ, Gretchen

Lisa said...

"Old Country Roses" china pattern! That's what is on one side of the apron I made, and I also have a couple of mugs - it's so pretty.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Pom Pom! indeed, one MUST have teapots!
Juliana, thanks! neat about your Mom!!!
G_J, thanks so much! Yes, it is wonderful that there are still those like us who have pots of tea!
Lisa - how lovely! I love it that you made an apron and that you have a couple of mugs with this pattern, it IS such a lovely one!