Saturday, October 27, 2018

A difficult day with a surprise ending...

Boy oh boy, bad nights sleep!
This morning (when I did wake up) I was so distracted 
(tired, clutter, steps to make tea/toast/boiled egg/butter for toast)
that I had to get rid of my first pot of tea
which was somehow only luke warm.
Hot tea was made sucessfully the second time!
Lunch helped some, a few hours later...

Chicken soup again... plus toast and hot decaf lady grey tea... that was good...

Made it to Confession, Vespers.
Before that, lots of cleaning, dishes, water spills, a hot shower...

My Sweet Husband treated me to a meal at our 
favourite diner... no meal prep, no dishes
And the evening was more peaceful; oh boy was I praying earlier
just to keep it together... (i.e. not become a cranky especially!)
The 2 week cold, the unbloggable...
and I saw a lovely man at vespers 
and that was the unexpected surprising 
ending towards the end of the day...
as my day was slowly turning around,
I was so sorry to hear that his wife, they just found out, has cancer; a total shock.
So we are praying for him, for her, got an Akathist to the Mother of God Healer of 
Cancer + one to St Luke the Surgeon for him ready to give him tomorrow DV.
This always tips the scales for me - in the right way - remembering the 
fragility of life, turning towards love and care for another person.
My Husband is so valiant, he keeps working towards better solutions for
our unbloggable situation and even though it's hard
and being sick has made everything seem harder,
I must say that I am proud of him in the midst of our 
personal hard.
And so today that was hard for me has a peaceful
more thoughtful end of the day...


Elizabethd said...

It's good when a day has a peaceful ending.
Your blue and white tableware looks so attractive.

karen said...

I pray that your unbloggable resolves soon!