Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Cold and Windy

This past Saturday I did a huge
reorganization of my kitchen!
My cupboards were really in need of
some attention
and I was able to re-purpose another shelf (above)
for my baking goods.
I am loving the change,
especially that I can get to my newly
moved tea shelf
in short order.

Cleo continues to be beautiful

and in need of cuddles.


I am still struggling a lot with insomnia -

to make it worse,

I got a phone call in the middle of the night;

(no idea who it was, did not stay on phone

long enough to find out).

I am glad that God and His Angels are always with us.

It is cold here now in Ottawa!
I have these great 'cleat' things that go over the soles
of my boots so I can walk
undaunted by icy sidewalks.
I love winter!
I am working on various job related things
and applied to an Ottawa job today
(non-library but not a bad job).
I am so excited to be going home for Christmas!
God is so good to us.


margaret said...

I need things like that for my boots... where did you get them?

And I do like the wee christmas tree. I want one so much but (a) don't know how I'd get it home and (b) worry that furry types would demolish it.

elizabeth said...

I got them at a store in Ottawa called The Running Room for about 20 - 30 dollars a few years ago. A really good purchase!

Here it is online:

(if the URL does not fully work, go to accessories and then winter and then 'grip gear').

The only downside to the removeable cleats is that, even though when you hold them in your hand, they don't feel heavy, they do weight my boots down enough that when I am not wearing them it feels tons ligther. BUT I am happy to have my legs work out a bit more and feel safe from falling! I practically race around on ice in them! :)

Thanks; I do love the tree; I don't remember how I got it home; I bet I took a taxi; it was a few years ago when an occasional taxi ride expense would be affordable... :) And Ottawa is pretty small for a city to get from place to place; I got the tree at the same time that i was at IKEA... was a after Christmas special at Micheals, a craft chain store here; I also got my beautiful (not up in this apartment however) green curtians on that trip...

I am so happy for my little tree and am very impressed that Cleo has not touched it. I think my lecture I gave her when I put it on the table has been with good effect. That said, I will be storing it for the time I am away, just in case!! :)

One never knows with a cat! :)

Pres. Kathy said...

I totally have to reorganize my one kitchen cabinet where all my tupperware is. I tend to mess this one up the most! I have it on my to-do list for the next coming week. I can't wait to cross that one off!

Amy the Lion said...

I wish I'd had cleat thingys when I was living in Colorado. My only waterproof shoes were really worn down cowboy boots (shiny flat soles!) and I did some really spectacular falls a couple of times!
Good luck with the job hunting.

elizabeth said...

Hi Pres Kathy,

yes! I hear you! All the best on getting this off your list!!

Hi Amy - so nice to hear from you! Thanks so much for your comment! Sounds like the cleats may have come in handy for you for sure then! Thanks for the well wishes!