Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday - Beautiful Snow and the Unexpected Interview

I was just about to begin laundry early this morning
when I got the phone call...
Just yesterday
I had submitted an application to a job at a bookstore
in town.
Suddenly this very very intense manager was on the phone
liking my resume
wanting to meet me in just over an hours time
and that training would be tomorrow,
could I make it?
Floored I went to the interview.
I had no time to mentally prepare;
got dressed professionally, makeup, grabbed my resume
and walked through beautiful white snow to the bus.
The job was only to be temporary to help with the
beginning of a semester bookstore rush.
I made it just on time to the interview,
after making sure a student who fell on the road
was okay...
(poor girl was not wearing boots and
it is exam time
so she did not have time to get them yet
I found out)
(today was the first day of real snow here)
...walked with her to the school
(her stretch pants ripped, by the way she got up slowly
I could tell she hurt her knee)
and went to the interview
(the student I walked with directing me to the bookstore).
The interview went okay but I realized after
that I should of given more examples
when asked the questions.
So I feel a bit down about that part.
The worst though is that it is after 5 pm now
and no phone call to tell me if I got
one of the positions or not.
And by the time I called (4:50)
their switchboard was closed.
So I guess I did not get the job
but really don't know yet.
It would of paid my rent for a month
and would of been so nice to have work.
It would be fun work!
Will let you all know if I ever do hear back!


I just love how the window frosts up!

And I love winter!!

I don't think I will ever get tired of this view...

it is so beautiful with the snow!


I feel overwhelmed,

I realized anew today,

because I feel so destabilised due to living in a state

since August

of not knowing if I am leaving Ottawa for a job else where or not.

This is really emotionally draining.

It is bad enough to face leaving a city one loves

one's spiritual father, church and friends here

but to not know for months on end if one is really leaving

is no easy thing.

NOT that I am trying to complain.


And to show you that I am still committed to being thankful

and see the glorious beauty around me,

another beloved snow picture!

Isn't the white snow so lovey?!

I thank God for this!
I thank God that I at least had a good resume to be noticed
quickly, even if I don't get the job.
I thank God that I can do better next time
and that I have people I can practice interviewing with.
(Not that I have not interviewed well before,
but the situation today was such that I did not really have any
warning to prepare!)
I thank God that He is taking care of me
and that He is providing for me!
I thank God that He sent His Son on Christmas to save us!
I thank God that somehow He is working through all of this...


Pres. Kathy said...

I love your pictures. As I was reading this, all I kept thinking was "everything happens for a reason." It is good to look at the positive of every situation. I know it must be hard to not know your future, but I kind of feel like that too. You see, as a priest family, God might call our ministry to somewhere else. A move is always on a priest family's mind. On our last move, we had 3 weeks notice. I pray that God's Will be done. Sending you lots of hugs!

GretchenJoanna said...

I thank God that you stopped to help the person who fell on the ice!

Matushka Anna said...

I've had job situations in which I looked and looked and when I had interviewed, not heard back, assumed from the time that had passed (3 weeks) that I didn't get the job and suddenly - I got it. Sometimes you just never know.

Who knows? (c; You might hear back tomorrow. Or something else might come along. Keep looking at the snow!

margaret said...

My last job was PA to one of the most prestigious psychiatrists in the world - and you have no idea how I fudged that interview!

I too love your view. You can only do what you have done. God has His purpose in everything, you just don't always see it.