Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tuesday, Clear and Cool

Today I would say is the first day

I really rested...

(Perhaps this is ironic as most people are so busy

at this time of year!)

I am fighting a cold but am feeling pretty good over all,

just a bit exhausted from the insomnia...


I took a short walk late in the afternoon;

I love the stark beauty of winter here in Michigan.

Beauty can be seen every where;

I think it is that we just need to have our eyes opened...

Beauty opens to us more and more

as we seek God and cultivate a thankful heart...

I was able to get a hold of the dermatologist today

about the medical tests I had;

still waiting on the X-Ray

(most likely will not know about this one until

after Christmas);

so the tests so far are good -

have to recheck one thing in about a month

to be sure,

but the initial news is good.

So this is a relief.

I will be glad, however,

when I have the final tests in a month to be sure.

Tomorrow I hope to make some
simple Christmas things.
We are praying that Rebecca (my sister) and Mark (bro-in-law)
make it home tomorrow from London;
sounds like they had a good day today and
we are happy that they made it to London!
They are due in tomorrow just before 7 pm;
I am full of anticipation of their arrival.
Fitting: anticipation:
we are waiting the New Born King
the most waited for of all.
Praying that God will be near all of us in these times;
holidays are joyful but often also painful for
God is near the brokenhearted,
and He will never abandon His children.
Let us keep our courage and hope.

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