Thursday, December 16, 2010

This Thursday's End

I was advised to eat root vegetables

by my very lovely naturopath

(who sees me at what I can afford, which is another miracle of God)

and so today I bought three beets, one sweet potato

and added to this carrots, potato and three small onions.

The cleaning, peeling and chopping took a little while

but it was worth it.

Inspired by this recipe

I poured olive oil, white balsamic vinegar

dried rosemary and thyme

stirred it up on the pan

and roasted it at 475 degrees F.

For about 30 minutes,

stirring once at about 15 minutes.

The pre-roasted vegetables looked lovely

but the smell once they were

in the oven

surprised me - so very good.


I can see that one of the tricks to roasting vegetables
is to not over roast them;
my second tray
have a few over-baked pieces
but it was so good and tender.
A very economical
addition to my menu!
Thank God!


Donna said...

I LOVE root veggies! That looks scrumptious!!

RW said...

I'm with Donna.
Love roasted root vegetables.

margaret said...

I have a turnip (swede) that I really should use, I think I'll buy a couple of carrots and a sweet potato when I'm out and try it. It won't look as nice as yours as I've never seen white balsamic here except at a really silly price so I shall use the brown kind.

Sarah said...

YUM! Looks very pretty and scrumptious!

Michelle M. said...

I love root vegetables! They are really filling, too.