Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Saturday Filled with God's Mercy

Today was full of God's mercy and goodness.

The Virgin Mary Consoler

is such a wonderful monastery.


I was able to briefly speak with the Abbess there

and was very blessed.


God continues to pour out His mercy.

Here is one of the two cats that were at the monastery!

So cute.


Being able to be in the monastery chapel

and with other pilgrims was so beautiful.

There was a baptism there today as well
and the monastery not only served our group lunch
but later the whole group in for the baptism.
I thought the food,
with the festive cross on the
Lenten pasta
was beautiful.
Monastics sure know how to make Lenten food
into a feast!
And my heart continued to be gladdened
when I walked into my church for vespers
and there was the icon of St. Nicholas.
Oh Father Nicholas the Saintly,
how we love you!


. said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your time at the monastery!

margaret said...

Glad you got to speak to the Abbess. I love monastery food, except towards the end of Lent at St John the Baptist in England when they recycle everything over and over till it's gone.

And that cat is just gorgeous. My first cat was ginger and I have a real soft spot for them.