Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Martinitoren

Remember when I wrote about my Aunt and Uncle's house
and then how we found out that it was spared.
My Opa and Oma have 8 children
and my Opa
(who lived to be 91)
made 9 of these -
one for each child
and one for his beloved wife, my Oma.
They are very detailed and intricate -
much careful work went in to them.
My Mom,
when I asked her if I could show my blog community Opa's work,
said of course
and so I am showing you now.
These are some of the real treasures of our family;
I spent a good bit of time today
photographing the various things that
make up the stories of my family
and express the Dutch culture that we are from.

My Opa's Martinitoren.

My Oma and Opa lived in Groningen

before they immigrated from Holland to Canada

after World War II.


Many people from Holland immigrated to Canada

after the war.


My Opa was a Sargent in the war

and God preserved his life during this time.

My Opa
years ago also did wood working;
this is a spoon rack that he made.
My Mom has had it in our house for many years.
Having been Orthodox for a few years now
and being in houses of immigrants from
Slavic countries
has made me more aware of the importance of the items
that make up one's culture and story.
The beauty, intricacy and insistence on good craftsmanship
(if my Opa's work had a flaw he would start over;
this commitment to beauty is hard to find now)
is important for us to see.
When I think of my family
and see all the beautiful family things
I am overwhelmed by the riches of it all.
It is so good to be awake to what God has given;
it is too easy to fail to see it.


. said...

What awesome heirlooms to have and legacy that your Opa left! I know you treasure these! Glad you made it home safe to your family!

margaret said...

The spoon rack is just wonderful! I love it.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Sarah! Yes, they are such treasures!

Margaret - I am so glad you love the spoon rack!! :)

Anonymous said...

You are truly blessed! :)

Beth said...

These are just lovely keepsakes. Really what treasures and what a gift to have the work of those you love around you. And many years to your Oma.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

What wonderful craftsmanship in those handworked items ! They are great treasures indeed :-)

Donna Witek said...

These are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us! Such blessings! :)

elizabeth said...

to the one who commented about having one of theses as well, please forgive me for deleting your comments. I've had some difficult interactions with people I don't know and did not realize that you were just commenting for kindness. Forgive me for that and I forgive you your last comment. May we live in peace.