Monday, December 06, 2010

Monday - Taking yet another step

I am slowly praying my way through this Akathist.


I love the last line:

O Lord, my Lord, my joy, grant that I may

rejoice in Thy mercy!


I went to the informational networking interview.

It was hard.

I dressed up, hair and makeup done;

card and cookies with my thanks for the person's time.


It is hard to always put on a brave professional face

but God helped me keep it together.

My Christmas tree with cards I got in the mail.

So cute and small, my tree is!

Perfect for an apartment.

I have two main icons of St. Nicholas.
Had to show you this one as it is not only very beautiful
but is on a wall that is not blue;
had to console Margaret a little, as she loves my blue walls.
So to everyone who celebrated St. Nicholas Day today -
Happy Feast!
St. Nicholas is one of the Saints I was close to from the time I was
a catechumen and I treasure his prayers of intercession that
have helped me so much
and are still active in my life now.
I am still having insomnia and dizziness from the insomnia.
I am seeking to look to God for help.
Thank you again everyone for your prayers and comments,
your encouragement is such a gift to me.
May God bless and keep us.


Matushka Anna said...

I love your little tree!

Still praying for you.

(Remind me to pray on Friday! Remember that terrible memory I mentioned!)

elizabeth said...

Thanks Mat Anna!!
Noted and don't worry, I will remind all to pray for me this Friday!! :)
Thanks again for your prayers!

Emily H. said...

What does Cleo think of your little tree?

elizabeth said...

Hi Emily,

So far Cleo has not touched it; she had a 'talking to' about this! :) I'm sure she likes it fine though...

Now if I can only keep her off my table...

Marfa said...

We've only received 1 Christmas card so far...anxious to get more...I love putting them out, like you've done!
Your little tree is darling.

Michelle M. said...

Your tree is adorable! We had a little tree like that two years ago. The kids loved it. I hope the interview went well. Praying for you!!