Tuesday, December 28, 2010

After Christmas / Family Christmas

Due to logistical factors my family's


(my parents are quick to remind me

Christmas already was)

as in when we have our meal and gifts

is tomorrow.

This means presents were wrapped today.


Or, well, are still being wrapped presently...

It's been a good day here

with laughter...


I think I am realizing on a different level

how much teasing and laughter

means to me.

It means happiness and being loved.

(My Great grandma's dishes that were given to my Mom
years ago)
We will have our Christmas /
my birthday (which is tomorrow) /
my sister's birthday (which was old calendar St. Nicholas day, the 19th)
dinner tomorrow.
We will use our best dishes (above).
I come from a family where the women on both sides
had good China dishes and loved them.
I am already busying planning a small
old calendar Christmas Eve dinner
and am organizing my Ottawa birthday party.
I just love creating beautiful evenings
with one's best dishes, table cloth, candles.
I am aware that creating these evenings are
high on my list of what is important in my life.
Hospitality is an art I want to continue to learn;
I learn by doing and I hope
to have many more evenings to create beauty
for those who come.
I am looking forward God willing to
It will be a very full day:
Matins in the morning (my Grandma is taking me!)
Breakfast after with her;
then lunch at my Aunts with my Mom, Sister and Cousins;
then home to prepare for our meal and
family gathering.
These are the days I look forward to all year.
I thank God for them.


biss said...

Happy birthday! Happy Christmas!
It's only the fourth day of Christmas! It was, and is, and is to come!

I guess you get 24 days of Christmas, no?

Christ is born! (and so were you! i'm glad.)

margaret said...

I hope you have a wonderful time and it certainly sounds as if you will. There is a certain elegance in the phrase 'planning my Ottawa birthday party' btw. The Little Sisters send you and Rebecca birthday wishes.

Matushka Anna said...

Now that it's the 29th...


Michelle M. said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful day! Happy Birthday and Many Years!!

elizabeth said...

Thanks Biss! Yes, 24 days! :)

Thanks Margaret - you sure know how to make my day! :)

Thanks Mat Anna!!

Thanks Michelle!

it's been such a good day!