Monday, December 20, 2010

Flying Home!

Cleo is so funny!

When ever I refill her glass jar of food

she wants to eat right out of the jar,

instead of her bowl!

I hugged her goodbye and

reassured her that she will be visited by

our loving friends

every day.


Always hard to leave her but harder for her.

Poor Cleo Cat.

But she will have company daily so she is pretty lucky...

The monastery cats -

thought another two shots of them would be fun to show.

I am in the airport
(free wifi)
and will be boarding soon.
I did another job application.
God is good to us.


::Sylvia:: said...

Merry Christmas to you! Safe travels!

Matushka Anna said...

Safe travels! Happy for you!

margaret said...

Safe journey! Tell us when you get to the other end safely.

mamajuliana said...

Have a wonderful trip!

Anonymous said...

Safe travels, have an enjoyable, restful, relaxing trip!

elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone! Am home! Thank God!