Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Half Way to the Next Interview

It was such a beautiful morning today here!

I have been working on my interview preparation

and had a great practice / mock interview today.

So grateful for this job support.

The prayers of many and of the church

are so strong.

They are holding me up through this time

of uncertainty.


There are a few jobs (part time but good work)

that I will be applying for

and am focusing the rest of this week on my

Friday 1 hour telephone interview.


I am still having significant insomnia;

it will get better;

a side effect of the medicine I am on for the rash I had.

Cleo is my little companion
and is way too cute for her own good!
Please pray for me tomorrow as I do my last preparations for this
one hour interview.
It is a very professional job and there is a lot of things to
be ready to talk about on Friday.
I am thanking God for the opportunity to interview
and that God cares so much for us.
My Mother reminded me again of the verses in Matthew,
God cares for the sparrow, how much more He cares for us.


GretchenJoanna said...

A 1-hr phone interview sounds dreadful...I'd think that after 10 or 15 minutes on the phone someone could tell if you were worth further consideration and let you -- and the interviewer -- present yourselves and meet as whole persons, not just voices. At least, if you are in the same city.
You've had these phone interviews before; how do you find the experience, compared to an in-person interview?
I don't like the phone, especially with someone I've never met.
BUT -- I am not having the interview, and God will be with you. I'll pray for the interviewer too :-) .

elizabeth said...

Hi GJ! Yeah, it feels a bit daunting to me too. I have not had a 1 hour interview on the phone yet but have done research and asked others in person for advice on it. So tomorrow is my day to finish preparing for it!

Thankfully I do like the phone and have speaker phone so at least my hands will be free.

THANK YOU for your prayers!! I really appreciate them!

TeresaAngelina said...

Hello Elizabeth, I hope you do not mind a suggestion regarding the phone interview? Please do not use the speaker phone when you are on it. I am a professional interviewer (am in my 24th year) and can tell you that they are extremely annoying. Not a good foot to lead with. The only time a speaker phone is good, is if it is an extremely powerful phone, such that the person listening can wonder if it is such (don't rustle papers!) but not mind. Please forgive me if this suggestion is unwelcome. :)

elizabeth said...

Hi TA, Don't mind your comment at all. In general most of my friends don't know I am talking on speaker phone. Yes, I must not rustle papers. Clean table, quiet, Cleo locked in other room, attentive listening. I welcome all your suggestions; this is my first 1 hour phone interview... any suggestions here via my blog or via email that you wish to share are fine.

I ask also your prayers.